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FIFA 15: EA Sports has revealed the top performers


The team lines up in a 3-4-3 formation this week, and despite some good attacking players on show, doesn’t have many standout cards.

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Arjen Robben has a great 93 card, with a significant increase to his shooting stat (+7) and David Silva’s IF card has also seen a significant bump to shooting (+8), passing (+6) and pace (+3 fifa 15 coins ). With two silvers in the lineup, though, and three cards below 80, this week’s selection is poor overall.

The cards will be available in packs from 6pm tonight, so expect the transfer market to flood with unwanted cards around this time.

Here is the full Team of the Week:


Kossi Agassa – Stade Reims – 79


RB – Roberto Rosales – Malaga CF – 74

CB – Rolando – R.S.C. Anderlecht – 80

CB – Skrtel – Liverpool – 82


RW – Antonio Candreva – Lazio – 84

CM – Andrea Pirlo – Juventus – 85

CDM – Adrien Rabiot – Paris Saint-Germain – 74

LM – David Silva – Manchester City – 90


RW – Arjen Robben – Bayern Munich – 93

ST – Antoinne Griezmann – Atletico Madrid – 86

LM – Kris Commons – Celtic – 77


GK – Marwin Hitz – FC Augsburg – 74

LB – Fabian Schonheim – 1. FC Union Berlin – 71

CAM – Alexander Gerndt – BSC Young Boys – 73

ST – Ivan Santini – KV Kortrijk – 72

ST – Marc Janko – Sydney FC – 74

CM – Jed Wallace – Portsmouth – 64

ST – Reuben Reid – Plymouth Argyle – 64

FIFA 15: Companion app transfer problems since update


It doesn’t matter whether you’re a fan of Diego Costa of Chelsea or Robin van Persie of Manchester United, the one thing that we can be sure of is that you are a football supporter. In that case you may also enjoy FIFA 15 and the companion app for Android or iOS devices, but now there appear to be EA Sports FIFA 15 Companion app transfer problems since the latest update.

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The app for both platforms requires users to have an Origin account connected to FIFA 15 (Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, or PC). For Ultimate Team feature you also need to have an Ultimate Team Club within FIFA 15. Some of the features of the app include finding and bidding on players on the FUT transfer market, selling players with the FUT transfer list, and managing your FUT squads.

The free Companion app for Android and iOS received an update just yesterday and the ‘What’s New’ section of the app description includes being able to preview the full TOTW on the Home Screen from the Live tile as well as being able to preview all squads in ‘My Squad’ without needing to set them as active. There’s also extra security in the form of Two Factory Authentication.

The iOS FIFA 15 Companion app is available from iTunes while the Android version is on Google Play, but everything is not as smooth as it could be for some. To be frank it’s not the first time we’ve heard of issues with this app, and since the update yesterday we’ve been receiving comments from our readers as well as emails about problems. A look at the user reviews on the app descriptions also show that many people are facing difficulties with the app.

Comments since the latest update on the Google Play Store make it clear that many players are very unhappy and frustrated. For example one user says, “Absolutely garbage. Can’t use the transfer window anymore also never get any decent players. EA rip off.” Another says, “Transfer market down…Despite update. Had update to see totw and other squads but still no transfer market, which is the main point off the app, please sort it out EA.” A further comment says “Worse than before. The new update is just pointless, can’t access the transfer market now.”

Meanwhile user comments on the App Store include this one saying, “Great app but currently the market on the app is broken and under maintenance so please fix that so we can list and buy players.” Another commenter says, “I would rate it as excellent but I have been having trouble with the transfer market selling players and clearing sold items.” These are just a few of the many comments from users about issues with the app and we’d like to hear from readers about this.

FIFA 15 Weekly Update by UTfifa15coins


If you’re unfortunate to have any stuck or incomplete player (or item) transfers in your FIFA 15 Ultimate Team lists, you may get some relief in the next couple of weeks. EA say the problem will be addressed over the coming days.

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According to EA fifa coins , they’ve not been able to look at this issue before now due to “technical” reasons. Now, however, they say it’ll be possible to review the accounts of the “small number of FIFA 15 fans” afflicted with stuck transfer syndrome.

The fact that it’s a small number of players doesn’t really give us the whole picture on how many people are affected by this, as a “small” proportion of FIFA 15 players could easily be in the thousands.

By way of compensation, EA will be giving out “a one-time package of untradeable packs” to those who’ve been hit with this bug. They say various items will be “unstuck” every day over the next two weeks.

Anybody playing on PC should look out for an email to their Origin account. Console players should look to their “EA SPORTS Football Club News Alerts.”

FIFA 15: Creating Chances with Set Pieces


Creating chances with set pieces is an often overlooked method of scoring goals in FIFA 15. However, these are often crucial moments for your team to get ahead, regardless of the difference in skill between you and your opponent. No matter how good you are, it can be incredibly difficult to defend against a well placed corner or free kick into the box.

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Corner Kicks
With corners, you’re going to want to aim for the top of the keeper’s box. Not the penalty box, the goal box. This is perfect because it is just out of reach of the keeper but still extremely close to the goal. Another advantage of aiming here is that the big center backs typically sit a little above this, so you may be catching them out of position. They will have to backtrack, while your players will be sprinting forward with momentum going the right way.

Power up the bar to about 2.5 bars. By bars, I mean those regions outlined by the little notches in the power bar. You’re going to want the ball to hit the heads of your strikers right in the middle of the box, or even a little further. By keeping it central, it puts more players in contention for the header. Even if you don’t get to the ball, it will be useful to have here because there are so many players crowded together that it will be difficult for the defending team to clear the ball out very far. This puts you in a perfect area to put away loose balls bouncing a matter of yards from the actual goal.

Free Kicks
Now, free kicks can get a little bit more complex. So you’ve decided that the free kick is not within an area you feel it is smart to shoot from. That’s fine, well placed free kicks can turn into great assists if done correctly.

If you’re taking the free kick from one of the sides, just follow the same procedure as outlined with corners. Aim for the same region but obviously power will be different because you won’t be right at the same spot. So you’ll need to gauge how much power will be necessary to get the ball where you want it.

However, if you’re closer to the center of the field, you’re going to have a bit more difficulty in turning this into a chance. You have two options here. Firstly, you can simply loft the ball into the same general area and hope for a tall foward to head it goalward, but that is much more difficult because too much power and the keeper will simply grab it out of the air, but too little and it will drop too low to create any kind of scoring chance.

You can make yourself a bit more sure scoring chance by tacking on one additional pass on. What I mean is that you should aim for the tallest player you have on your team and let him head it down to an open player to shoot. Look for the Peter Crouch or Mario Balotelli player on your team and just aim for his head. If you get the direction and power down right, he should win that ball, but what next? As the ball approaches the player, keep an eye out for potential passing targets, someone who will have enough time to receive the ball and get a shot off. There will almost always be a good target, the hard part is just deciding who that is.

FIFA 15: How to Make FUT Coins without Trading


Whatever match you play with your FUT 15 club, you will always receive some coins as a reward for participation and for your performance. This is true to offline and online matches, to tournaments, seasons or single matches.

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The first step is to choose the match type: offline, online, season, single match or tournament. This decision affects the potential number of coins you may earn.

Play. Try to finish the match. Otherwise you may not receive the FUT 15 coins. At the end of the match you can access the Match Awards Menu and see how many coins you have received.

This method is fun but you will only get a few coins with it. It is therefore very important that you do everything you can to reduce the costs and to get the higher amount of coins possible.

Basically there are three topics to keep in mind:

Minimize the cost of contracts
To play many matches does not mean earning lots of coins. There is a cost for every match you play: the cost of contracts. If this cost is higher than the prize you received for playing, then you are having a loss.

To save on contracts you should buy enough managers to receive a 50% bonus when applying a contract card. You should also avoid making substitutions during matches because each time you do that, you are spending contracts. Finally, try to be smart when buying contract cards. If you have a gold team, it will be better to buy a gold card by 300 coins that will allow you to play 13 matches than to buy a bronze card by 150 coins that will allow you to play only one match.

Don’t Giving Up
Giving up from a match shows a huge lack of fair play. But worse than that are the penalties.
Every time you finish a match you get 325 coins, which represents the largest portion of your match prize (participation + performance). If you give up during the match, you will receive a part of that value or may even not receive anything. It is a very large penalty, but it becomes even greater because you will be also penalized in the amount of coins you receive in the following matches. This is done by the modifying DNF (it means Did Not Finish). This coefficient measures the percentage of unfinished FUT 15 matches, on your own initiative, from always, and influences all the coins that you will get by playing matches.

Improve the Performance
Good performance is also rewarded in FUT 15. To get as much coins as possible, it is important that you use our coins calculator. With it you will learn, for example, that winning by 5-0 will give you more coins than winning by 8-1.

Try to understand what contributes to the performance prize and optimize your game play in this direction: avoid making too many fouls, getting caught in offside, getting yellow or red cards; increase the number of corner kicks, shots on goal, percentage of ball possession and successfully passes.

There are a grand total of 40 celebrations in FIFA 15


EA Sports has kept the numbers so low on purpose, or so it seems. They want to get you spending you hard earned FIFA coins on stuff that arguably should be in the game already.

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Over in England, Samuel Eto’o’s infamous old man celebration was shown in the game’s adverts, goading both fans of Chelsea and Everton, and maybe those of Barcelona and Inter Milan too, into buying a copy of the game just to see it.

To their shock and horror, no doubt, the old man is nowhere to be seen in the untouched version of the game. This celebration is one of 18 preliminary unlockable pieces of choreography in the game.

The celebrations are really easy to unlock, maybe too easy that just putting them in the game to start with might have been the best option. All you need to do is play FIFA15 in any mode, whether that be exhibition, career or Ultimate Team and accumulate coins. Simple as that.

Then, as you work your way up through the levels, more and more of these special serenades will become available, you just need to spend some FIFA coinage in the EAS FC Catalogue to make them usable.

FIFA 15: Cheaters Already Hard at Work


FIFA 15 has only been out for a few weeks now, but cheaters are already hard at work looking for ways to cut to the top. As any FIFA player knows, EA’s coin system must be used to make purchases in the game for upgrades, players, skills, and more. Every year, cheaters look for ways to subvert FIFA’s economy. According to the press release, gamers should be able to generate an unlimited number of coins in theory.

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While players may feel tempted by offers such as these, there are several really good reasons to steer clear. Firstly, websites like the one mentioned above may not be trustworthy. Sites like these are often vehicles for viruses and malware. Secondly, EA Sports has promised harsher punishments for cheaters this year who attempt to engage in coin farming or re-selling.

If you are caught purchasing coins or promoting FIFA Coins buying, you will be put on a three-strike system. Your first strike will result in a warning email and a message in game. The second time you do it, though, you will have all of your FIFA points reset as well as your FIFA Ultimate Team status. In other words, you will have to start all over again, without the benefits of your stolen in-game cash. And on your third strike?

Ultimate Team has become something of a miniature economy for EA Sports, and they make a solid profit off of it every year. In-game coins after all need to be purchased legally with real money. So it is to be expected that they will be pretty hardcore about defending their turf.

FIFA 15: Holding Strong despite Major New Game Releases


The other day we reported on the initial sales for FIFA 15 in the UK, and the results were impressive. After spending 2 weeks on top of the charts, Destiny was overturned by FIFA 15, which shot straight to the top after its September 25th release. Eighty percent of all game sales that week were for FIFA 15, and that accounted for 85% of the revenue. Now, there’s been an update; despite three major new games hitting the stands, FIFA 15 has clung to its top spot.

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The biggest title to hit stores this past week has been Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor, from Warner Bros. According to Chart-Track, the game set a new record for the biggest launch ever for a Lord of the Rings game. It accounted for 56% of all sales for PS4 and 41% of all sales for Xbox One—and it still failed to overturn FIFA 15, coming in instead at number 2.

Forza Horizon 2 grabbed the third-place slot, with the majority of its sales in the Xbox One market. Finally, Super Smash Bros for Nintendo 3DS came in at fourth place. Destiny, previously at number one for so long, has now been relegated down to fifth place. Sales for Destiny dropped another 30%. Following Destiny, we have Minecraft: PlayStation editions, Disney Infinity 2.0, Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition, Call of Duty: Ghosts, and The Sims 4.

It’s been a huge week for games with a lot of shifting around for those top slots—so way to go, FIFA 15! Staying on top with so many exciting new games coming out all at once is pretty darn impressive. Don’t have FIFA 15 yet? Buy it today and find out what critics and gamers the world over are raving about!

FIFA 15 Utimate team of the will be released on the Android and iOS


Can’t wait to play FIFA 15 on your mobile device? The wait is over! You can now download the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team app.Originally the apps for both operating systems were going to come out at the same time as the full version of the game for all other platforms, but the release was delayed by nearly a week.

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If you have already downloaded the app and started playing, you may notice it’s been a bit of a rocky release. There have been several instances of downtime since EA’s servers haven’t been handling the huge influx of traffic very well.

You can download FIFA 15 Ultimate Team from the iPhone App Store or Google Play, but you do need to have an Origin account
to do it. With the app and the account, you can play Ultimate Team even when you are away from your computer. The actions you take managing your team on your mobile device will be fully synchronized with your game play at home. On the app, you can work with concept squads, you can bid for new players on the transfer market, or you can sell players you already have. You can buy new Ultimate Team packs, and you can also receive news and check updates for club activities.

How are fans reacting to the new apps? On the whole, reception has been positive; gamers love that they can now take FIFA 15 Ultimate Team with them everywhere they go. Some mobile gamers have been frustrated, though. Not only have there been connectivity problems, but there have also been some errors on the app, particularly with player transfers. Some gamers have struggled with squad changes as well.

Have you downloaded Ultimate Team for your Android or iOS device? Have you been experiencing any of these errors, or have you enjoyed an error-free gaming experience on your mobile device?

FIFA 15 Share Beckham Issued Best British Film Awards


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According to British media Daily Mail message, on the British Film Institute Awards on Sunday night at Covent Park, the former Manchester United player David Beckham stole the show.

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The 39-year-old former Manchester United midfielder has faced a lot of pressure in his career, but in the UK best film award presented on site, he was very nervous on stage. ” I am proud to attend the award ceremony. I am a little nervous, but very excited. ”

The two starred in the film called “theory of everything” movie took the honor for Best British Film from David Beckham, while Beckham also posed for pictures with the two stars.

Beckham now lives in Los Angeles, but this former England captain is still respected in his homeland . He played a total of 115 times for England, and won six Premier League titles. In 2007 he left Real Madrid to join the Los Angeles Galaxy.