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ESO: Morrowind – The Warden Wallpaper And Its Creative Process


The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind released new wallpaper of the Warden class now! You can not only download the cool Morrowind illustration, but grab more details on how the Senior Concept Artists, Lucas Slominski craft the new piece.

To highlight the signature characteristics of the Warden class, Slominski designed a combat scene as well as the inclusion of the Warden’s Feral Guardian ultimate in the Warden illustration. Because the Vvardenfell island is a place of constant destruction and rebirth, which symbolically mirrors both the aggressive and restorative aspects of the Warden’s Skill Lines, the designer depict a standoff between two Dunmer Wardens and a group of Cliff Striders, with the Red Mountain looming in the background.


Interestingly, all the characters are firstly designed as semi-naked bald dudes and then they had various races of Tamriel and the specific armor sets. To upgrade the quality of the final painting, they gathering Pinterest boards, photos they shoot and models as references.

There are also exist some challenges in the process, like how to paint the spectral magic effects for the Wardens’ spellcasting, difficulties in painting convincingly bonemold armor, taking a crack at the Dunmer facial physiognomy and adding the spittle flying off the bear’s mouth. In addition, Slominski was satisfied with the touch of adding saliva.


To finish the work, Slominski worked on a Wacom Cintiq 22HD, doing the sketching and painting exclusively in Photoshop and using Maya to build a rough 3D scene for perspective reference. He even took some photos by GoPro camera as references.

The whole process took up to about eight weeks with a high pixel resolution. Although the changes in art direction or marketing focus may make the painting process longer, Slominski really appreciate about their approach at ZOS is that everyone is committed to delivering art at the highest possible quality.

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Albion Armory: Infinite Sword Swinger Was Designed By XOrgy


In the Albion Armoy, a build that is specialized in dealing tons of damage in melee combat was found in this week. When going for a melee build, regardless of your own survivability or how to end the virtual life of your target. Everything seemingly looks crucial. Today, let’s take a look at xOrgy’s Infinite Sword Swinger. In addition, you can also visit official website to buy cheap albion online gold.


Literally, Infinite Sword Swinger was designed by xOrgy. In damage as well as mobility, he decided to specialize his build. Meanwhile, in the hope of being durable enough to survive just until his healer is available again.

About the Infinite Sword Swinger
About the Infinite Sword Swinger, xOrgy elaborated: One of the strongest points of the build is the diversity it offers its user. You can basically do everything from solo PvE up to large scale PvP skirmishes in the open world with the same equipment. He added: the Infinite Sword Swinger variant is specialized in small-scale group fights and GvGs while it allows for an efficient time when solo grinding.

Build Overview – Summary
Arguably, the Clarent Blade is a well-balanced weapon and the core of today’s featured build. It offers decent sustained damage, high mobility, and a potent area nuke. While the build is specialized in small-scale group fights and GvGs, there is no need to change out any part of your equipment for other activities. Given the low energy costs of this build’s abilities, you can keep fighting non-stop while being able to permanently outmaneuver your opponent’s attacks.

Equipment: Weapons


Heroic Strike
Deals physical damage.
Applies a Heroic Charge on you: each charge increases your movement speed by 10% for 6 seconds (stacks up to 3 times).
The Heroic Charges you gain from Heroic Strike are not only used to boost your Mighty Swing’s damage but also allow you to keep up with your targets while having an easier time dodging their attacks.

Stone Skin
Stone Skin is a well-balanced defensive ability.
Reduces damage received, at the expense of also reducing your damage and healpower for a short amount of time.
It allows you to mitigate a lot of the incoming damage on you without taking any of your mobility and on top, you are still able to attack your target.
But keep in mind, unlike other abilities you are not invulnerable.

Hamstring or Iron Will
(Hamstring) Instantly slows your target and deals physical damage.
Hamstring/Iron Will will further increase your stickiness.
(Ironwill) Increases your movement speed and decreases incoming damage for a few seconds.
While Iron Will increases your own DPS (damage per second), Hamstring makes sure that the rest of your team can keep attacking or closing onto your target as well.

Even if a lot of mobility as well as raw damage were offered by the Infinite Sword Swinger, when you are forming your team, you need to keep in mind that you are lack of any kind of hard CC. Regarding every two auto attacks, you can generate one charge. More useful skills and tips, you can head over to:

The Investment Of The Albion Online Galahad


The Galahad update of Albion Online confirmed an expected success and provided promising figures for the official release.


For almost a month, Sandbox Interactive has continued to improve Albion Online. In an interview, the developers talked about some of the new things to come. The update Galahad, reveals us some data collected since its release. Concretely, no less than 212,815 founders supported the game. All these supporters come from 164 different countries where players, with their feedbacks, have helped improve Albion Online. All these people have totaled 2,804,864 hours of play, that is 116,869 days spent in the world of Albion Online! 178,477 constructions were built and 116,669 pieces crafted. Everyone participated in the economy by collecting 511,477,173 resources. There are 180,644 completed shipments. And this is just the beginning since the release of the game is in three months. You will find all the numbers of these statistics below.

All these figures show the investment of the Albion Online community.

I still want to emphasize the sacrifice of 850,811 small lapinous. Even big ones, and also between-ages, were killed for trying to eat some of the 13,148,279 carrots. Incidentally, the rabbits were also victims of the fights of an unprecedented violence in PvP which saw the death of 124,179 characters.

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Watching The New Warden Gameplay Trailer Here


The new class arriving with TESO: Morrowind, the Warden, is entitled to a trailer.

The Warden has been featured several times in recent weeks, including a gameplay of developers, and a series of articles presenting the class as well as its skill lines.

TESO: Morrowind is fast approaching and the invitations for the closed beta have been sent to the lucky players and invested on the PTS. If you are interested in the guardian of Tamriel, a recently published article will put the mouth in mouth detailing everything we can find on the Warden class.

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Albion Online Galahad Update And The Reputation System


To be certain extent, when it comes to Albion Online, in general, even if the visuals of the game are limited by the crossover compatibility, overall, gamer would expect a mobile-friendly game to be. However, with the Galahad update was launched, it brings a brand new UI and PvE mechanics.


PvP is the main focus of the game and as such lends itself to a simplistic version of an isometric MOBA or ARPG. The PvP is more about zerging as well as ganking than it is about skill, strategy, or alliance-based warfare as it tends to be in other PvP focused games. More entirely informations about Albion Online, most gamers are always visiting here:

Previously, Sandbox Interactive has launched an ambitious road map that paves the way for the July 2017 release of Albion Online. Related important update will be applied to item drops and the in-game economy and improvements made to Hell Gates to create picture perfect PvP moments.

Additionally, the reputation system will be changed, which is allowed for more PvP to happen in yellow as well as red zones, in the meantime, the team also has plans to touch on a number of areas including guild quality of life, performance improvements, a reworked tutorial system, UI improvements and much more.