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Jugg Starter Lab Farmer Best Skill in PoE


Second league ever and I started a bit late but I decided to start with a lab farmer for currency and was wondering what main skill to go with. Currently on Cleave but I’ve seen people recommend Norse’s guide where he run’s BF.

path of exile

– Lab is about not dying and being fast once you pass 50k DPS. Any skill can pass 50k dps these days. Cleave is totally fine as lab is basically 4 single target encounters. Blade Flurry is good. So is Cyclone, ice crash, molten strike, heavy strike, EQ, Sunder, Warchief, etc.

– BF is probably the highest single-target melee DPS skill in the game, especially when you combine it with the broken shaper offhands so that is a good option yes. Many skills can do the job though, Uber Izaro is nothing compared to the real endgame bosses nowadays (Shaper, Guardians, Red/Uber Elder etc) so you can make a lab runner lots of ways. Cleave could definitely do the job, just slightly slower than BF. Mines are a popular choice for “instagibbing” him amongst ‘racing’ labbers I believe. Remember to get a totem with culling support, makes the final kill a lot easier.

– It’s up to you really. Cleave is a pretty good skill if you’re running 2 Ahn’s might especially for the jugg. It’s also a lot cheaper to build around. Blade flurry is a T1 bossing skill but its set up might be a little different. You’d want an off hand shaped sceptre and scale on elemental conversion a lot more to reach its full potential. Another great skill to try would be molten strike.

Yea that’s probably your best bet. Ahn’s might swords have pretty high dps and if you can, get the 30% quality corrupted ones. With the fortify from the threshold jewel and endurance charges, you become a lot more durable against Uber izaro’s hits too. For more poe tips and tricks, stay tuned to U4GM. You can choose where you can poe buy items cheap.

4 Things Drew Me To PoE And Got Me Hooked


In my opinion, the complexity of PoE vs Diablo3 is not even comparable. I played D3 religiously from the day it was released up until about a year ago when the development stopped and every new season was essentially the same as the last. I often collect some poe currency cheap.

Path of Exile

Things that drew me to PoE and got me hooked:

1. Options

You can make a berserker an archer, a templar a caster, a ranger a melee character. You can do just about anything you want with any of the classes. You do have the option to reroll a characters skill points, but it can get expensive so it’s worth doing your research before you start throwing points into the tree. Speaking of the tree.

2. Skill Tree

There’s So much you can do with the skill tree. While the meta slaves will tell you there’s realistically only a few paths that make sense, this game is such that you don’t have to go with the meta to do the content and have fun.

I was initially overwhelmed with the skill tree, because I didn’t realize that the entire thing housed all classes. Yes, I thought each class had their own skill tree that size. Once I understood that wasn’t the case, it was much more manageable. I’m still learning the tree today.

3. Trading

My favorite part about Diablo 2 LoD wasn’t getting to the end game and killing Ubers. It was the economy. However even that got to a point where you couldn’t do anything with your items you’d obtained except say you had them.

The currency in this game is actually crafting material. So as you accumulate wealth, you can do just that and hold onto it all, or (my preference) you can “gamble” it away with the crafting system. It’s a lot of fun and gives a reason to care about accumulating wealth.

4. Fresh content

The number one thing that keeps me coming back to PoE is the static opposite of what drove me away from Diablo 3. In the last year, this game has had a major overhaul of the acts, adding 6 new ones to the game (some layouts/chars recycled, but new acts nonetheless) added a bunch of new maps, and brand new atlas progression system, another big bad to the story line, and (to me) the hardest encounter in the game – Uber Elder.

There are constantly new unique items added that can completely change the way a skill or entire build is typically played, and old uniques get revamped to make them fresh and interesting. Mind you, this doesn’t happen with all uniques, there are plenty you will instantly vendor after the first week in a new season, but there are many that are build defining, or even just fun to experiment with.

Farming Efficiency/Time Micromanagement for Midcore Players in PoE


I’ve been getting into PoE, I’ve almost completed my atlas. I’m just about working on the T16 maps, there are just a few I have left to unlock and I’m working on those last few orbs. I really enjoy the mechanics of just flying through maps. I don’t know, it’s relaxing to just turn my brain off and zip through and sometimes find some good loot. But I’ve been feeling like I’m not maintaining enough. So I have a few questions, mostly about how, precisely, I should be approaching mapping for efficiency. I don’t want to do the things that I know are “the best” because they’re just boring to me, but I would like to at least optimize how I play through any given map. Like my mentality, if you get what I mean. My approach to it, the methodology. The interested gamers can poe orbs buy from those professional online gaming houses in the most affordable cost.

poe guides

So currently, for example, I’ll hop into a map and I always need to explore the whole thing. If I screw up and miss a big chunk, I will go back for sure. I stop for anything that’s Alch or up, and I’ll pick up Chances too since I do like to craft my own gear sometimes and have a few uniques I’m trying to chance. I also pick up all maps, even the low-tier ones that I’ll probably never run. I’d say I feel most comfortable sustaining a T14 or so, don’t think I’m quite capable of only doing all T15s yet due to the bosses. So there’s another methodology question: What’s your thought process on bosses? Do you normally skip, or do you tough it out and always do every boss, even Kitava et al.? I’m curious to know. Do you just fly through the map and never stop for anything but exalts? Do you always corrupt, chisel, or just alch and go? Things like that.

When mapping, do you always clear 100% of the monsters? Do you have a threshhold for rough % of map complete? What I’m asking there is, what is your qualifier for when you are “Done with” or have finished a map? What do you stop to pick up? Do you backtrack heavily, lightly, based on situation, or not at all?

Lots of random small questions, I know, but they all have something to do with being more efficient and getting the most bang for your buck without strictly farming. I like to enjoy playing the game, min-maxing my character, and becoming more efficient, and strictly hardcore farming with tons of quant gear 24/7 is not fun for me. I also like to play for a few hours at a time instead of all day, and like to feel like I’ve accomplished something in that relatively shorter time, like at least half or a quarter of an exalt or something. I feel like right now it’s about 20c or something, I’ve never measured it out, but yeah.

How Can You Use Lightning Warp in Path of Exile


In Path of Exile, Lightning Warp is a movement spell that causes the player to teleport to a location after a delay. When the teleport occurs, lightning damage is dealt in a small area around both the previous location and the new location.

1. Description: When the skill is cast, the exit point is set. The caster can then attack, cast, or move until the teleport executes. The AoE lightning damage will occur wherever the player was standing when the teleport resolves and wherever the caster teleports to. Enough chaos orbs poe is important.

Path of Exile

2. Usage time and stats: Total usage time consists of casting time and delay time. Casting time is standard casting with base time of 1 second. It can be modified by cast speed stats. Delay time is skill effect duration and is affected by skill effect duration stats including skill gem’s one.

3. Base time for delay is calculated as a time needed for character to nomally run the euclidean distance between position where the spell was cast and exit position with character’s current movement speed. Because of that movement speed stats (including conditional ones, auras, etc) also affects delay time. It is not possible to completely eliminate this delay because there is a hidden 0.1 second delay added to it.

4. Sequence of operations: The lightning explosion occurs before the caster leaves and after the caster arrives. This will, for example, cause the caster to take damage from monsters that explode on death that are killed by Lightning Warp.

5. Death: If the caster dies before the teleport executes, the teleport will still execute, transporting the caster’s corpse to the targeted location.

6. Minimum Range: Lightning Warp has a minimum range, inside which a teleport won’t occur unless it is blocked by a terrain obstacle. An attempt to teleport within the minimum range will default to the nearest allowable teleport distance.

7. Repeat: Lightning Warp cannot be Repeated and thus cannot be supported by Spell Echo Support.

Compared with Leap Slam, Lightning Warp has the advantages of not requiring any particular weapon, potentially higher speed, and slightly longer range. However, it costs more mana and requires two support gems to be fully effective.

Compared with Flame Dash, Lightning Warp has the advantage of being able to be cast as many times as possible, but costs slightly more mana and has a noticeable delay.

My Suggestion On Path Of Exile Skill Revamps Part 3


In Path of Exile, movement skills have been a topic for quite some time now and I’m really hoping we will finally see some changes to help bring them in line with one another. The following are my suggestions.

Path of Exile

1. Staffs/Wands need some love. Lightning warp requiring a 4 link just to feel decent kinda feels bad. Not being able to shield charge with wands kinda sucks. Flame dash needs either more charges as you level or reduced cooldown reduction.

2. Being a spell caster you pretty much always use shield charge fortify. I’d like to see some pretty big changes to movement skills all together. Though this has been brought up for years now and not a new topic. With the skill revamps I’m really hoping movement skills are on their radar.

One player said that removing the kill requirement would effectively remove all flavor from the skills, as it’s just a cooldown at that point. I could see them maybe generating souls as long as you have been in combat recently, or similarly restrictive language.

And some players said that Lightning Warp and Flame Dash both need revamps.

Lightning Warp should behave by default the way it does with Faster Casting and Reduced Duration linked. It should also ignore increased skill effect duration from the passive tree.

Flame Dash needs longer range and it’s default click behavior changed (should behave as if shift+click by default, not run up to a spot and then use Flame Dash). Shorter cooldown on its charges would be nice too but is relatively less important than the range and click behavior.

Wands should be able to use Blink Arrow and Mirror Arrow. Change those skills to Blink Shot/Mirror Shot and remove the bow restriction. What’s your opinion?

Final Fantasy XIV Online Announces Its New Go App


Players of the acclaimed Final Fantasy XIV Online will soon be able to enjoy a new challenge thanks to the Final Fantasy XIV Online GO app, announced last week.

GO is short for Gathering Outdoors, an app that literally adds a new dimension to the Final Fantasy XIV Online experience, allowing players to come out and collect Eorzea’s natural resources in the real world. These can then be used to manufacture objects and equipment within the game.


“We want to give a sense of freedom,” says Haimikich Fischer, vice president of innovation at Square Enix. “We want to make sure that over 10 million players can gather resources where and when they want, without the restrictions of their PCs or their consoles. FINAL FANTASY XIV Online GO creates this freedom by connecting the physical to the digital world, and at the same time promotes social interactions between members of our fantastic community.”

By downloading the app, players can enjoy the combination of the cutting-edge software of Square Enix and the geolocation tools of their mobile phones, on which they will receive notifications about the collection points and natural resources present in their area. When you get close enough to a collection point, you can collect the resource by simply touching the screen, just like inside the game. Final Fantasy XIV Gil is an important part of the game. Without these currencies, you won’t be able to realize success in the game.

In addition to the app, a unique accessory will be available for use in conjunction with players’ mobile phones, which is the Final Fantasy XIV Online GO Harvesting Stick.

The Harvesting Stick converts the player’s mobile phone into a pickaxe’s ax, a botanist’s ax or a fishing rod, for use in the real world to gather resources as you would within the game. The Harvesting Stick also increases the success rate of 100% collection.

Speaking of FINAL FANTASY XIV Online GO and the Harvesting Stick, Adalberta Gardner, chief designer of Amajina Apps, said: “This is the most immersive experience of an MMORPG ever created so far for players of any level and an essential accessory for those who love gathering.”

What Is Your Golden Rule In Path Of Exile?


Path of Exile is a multiplayer Action RPG, coming out of Open Beta. It’s completely free to play, and there are no gameplay-changing microtransactions. Keep in mind that this game is incredibly complex and deep. Therefore, if you want to be more powerful in game, what is your “golden rule” in this game?

Path of Exile

Let’s take a look at the different perspectives of players:

1) Don’t believe in streaks. Persevere. If the first 1000 fuses won’t get you a 6L, the next fusings won’t be any less or more lucky.

2) If something doesn’t work: take a step back and rethink. No sense banging your head against a brick wall, fully expecting the wall to crumble first.

3) Don’t focus on DPS numbers too much. Stable damage output, utility, mobility and defenses is what defines a good build.

4) Don’t force myself to play. It’s not gonna be the end of the world if I don’t play 20 hours a day for a week when the league first goes up. The league is as long as it is for a reason. This league especially I’ve been severely slacking in, mostly due to a bunch of games I’ve been interested in releasing.

5) Lately my golden rule is: “Don’t buy any supporter packs until I see improvements from GGG with past problems, not just new bugged content”.

6) When starting a new league, think about all the characters you want to play for the next three months and make those characters first. That way you’ll have a higher chance of getting your desired character names.

7) Play the damn game, don’t sit doing nothing in hideout, don’t spend hours looking at two very similar items to figure out which one is better. Do something all the time.

8) That picking up every scroll of wisdom possible and eventually getting enough for one of those absurd portal scroll to ex trades and seeing someone’s reaction to you giving them a butt-ton of scrolls for an ex is funny.

9) If somebody makes you an offer on an item at least say no thanks you aren’t that busy and it takes literally 2 seconds to hit control and enter.

I just collected some of players’ opinions, what is your “golden rule” in this game?

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