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Path of Exile 3.6 Duelist Builds


The Duelist is Path of Exile’s strength/dexterity hybrid class, producing him unmatched at dealing and avoiding harm. He can efficiently use a shield but is equally comfortable slashing away with a powerful two-hander or fighting with weapons in each hand. His potent arms can draw the strings from the heaviest and most lethal longbows. His highly honed reflexes give him a cat-like ability to dodge and parry incoming attacks, be they arrows or Axe swings. The Duelist is a daunting foe, and his reputation as a ruthless killer is effectively deserved.

[Poe 3.6 Slayer Build] 20% culling strike with tons of DPS for easy boss killing

An enormous plus to this build is the fact that you get to level with all the super OP Sunder! Here’s which gems you ought to be obtained if you should really get them and a few wonderful leveling uniques I like to use to create leveling a breeze. Credit for this goes out to McPeenSauce who realized he did not feel as tanky following switching from Bringer of Rain to a 6L Belly of your Beast and uncommon helm. So BoR has been buffed for 3.6, so it looks like it isn’t even worth it to save up and invest in a six linked Belly from the Beast. Using a Belly, you obtain 300-500 life, but you lose a ton of survivability that the blind, block and endurance charges BoR delivers.

+ Insta-Leech with no Vaal Pact + Leech more than time + retain your overall health regen!
+ Immune to Bleed & Stuns while leeching
+ Only 2 required unique items
+ Cheap! You don’t have to grind-farm to gear up. The currency you collect and gear you sell while you level and begin to fill out your atlas will pay for required uniques!
+ 20% culling strike with tons of DPS for straightforward boss killing to deal with all the uber buffed boss HP in 3.6
+ Very few map mods you cannot do

– You have to be right up on dangerous bosses, and it’s a melee Poe 3.6 builds after all.
– Don’t dodge one shot = you die.
– Can’t do Phys reflect before taking Headsman Ascendancy.
– No leech maps extremely difficult.
– No regen/slower regen maps are lazy because you can’t spam Whirling Blades.

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[Poe 3.6 Slayer Build] Cheap cyclone build with decent DPS – League Starter/Budget/Shaper/UAtziri

If could not afford The Pandemonius (six exalted orbs), Picked one up for a few Chaos Orbs. It has all the right stats for this build and to create a simple switch to the more expensive amulet when you get the currency.
Free Aura, Free Curse, Life & cold resist, Cold dmg which scales. And you get to run an additional aura since frostbite linked with blasphemy is free, have been running Haste.

Pros :
+ Cheap cyclone build with decent DPS (in 3.6 the pandemonium il really expensive but can be replaced by a presentence while farming Path of Exile currency)
+ League starter friendly
+ Pretty safe once you get a uber lab (fortify, blind, chill, intimidate, endu charges, cannot be stunned, shattering/chaos explosion)
+ Fast clear speed : +35% MS during warcry + pack explosion with Abyssal cry
+ Quick coloring (on Bronn or Debeon)

– League starter but maybe not ok for new players
– Low life pool if you are using Bronn 6k max (6k+ could be easily reached with belly)
– Res can be hard to cap
– You can have a hard time until you get your Uber Lab
– Can be a pain if you are to lazy to cast warcry every 4s (but it is the purpose with the build)
– All sockets used (no space for gem leveling)

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[Poe 3.6 Slayer Builds] Endless Hunger from Slayer tree provide leech effect similar to Atziri’s Acuity Gloves

You can definitely tweak the build for Tectonic Slam. Skill tree pretty much remain the same except which you can drop Xoph’s Blood since you will have 100% conversion if you stick to Ngamahu. You will need Xoph’s Blood if you switch to Atziri’s Disfavor.

– Endless Hunger from Slayer tree provide leech effect similar to Atziri’s Acuity Gloves
– You will be able to clear Uber Lab by level 75
– You are immune to bleed and stun during fights
– You have 20% culling strike, effectively lowering boss overall health by 20%
– Very fast clearing speed due to high AOE radius
– High life regen making it uncomplicated to handle traps in Uber lab

– Leveling to level 55 could be a chore but from there onward it is a breeze
– Elemental reflect can still be an issue (use ruby flask when you run into elemental reflect and you ought to be fine)
– Can’t do no life no mana leech map

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[Poe 3.6 Slayer Builds] 2h Freezing Cyclone and Simple League start and scales well as you get currency

That amount of flat life is almost equal to the % life of a belly but you can get WAY more resistances which makes you able to produce bigger life upgrades else where while keeping your resistances capped.
Bellys are 5 chaos orbs lowest as of writing this and for 2c I could get an astral plate that looks like this: +10% to all Elemental Resistances, +126 to maximum Life, +42% to Fire Resistance, +21% to Cold Resistance, +32% to Lightning Resistance.
Belly just seems like it is on the way towards a buff because as is it is a pretty meh chest.
Carcass jack however is worth it for the increase of area alone now that it was buffed in 3.6. In addition, it gives flat life, resistances and damage. Less of a ‘one trick pony’ that belly is.

+ Fast clear speed.
+ Uncomplicated League start and scales well as you gain Poe currency.
+ Cyclone kills as you move, no stopping.
+ Frozen things can’t hit you.
+ Melee build, see their frozen faces before they shatter.
+ Immune to Stun and Bleed.
+ 3c budget gets you farming maps.
+ No mirror tier or Headhunter required.
+ No corpses left behind to be raised/detonated.
+ Insane leech with VP and Slayer Ascendancy.

– Melee build, gotta get up close and personal
– Min/max End game items will be expensive but not unobtainable.
– Requires one specific unique which makes SSF hard to go full cold.
– Not a face tank build, requires dodging mechanics(a pro for me personally)

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[Poe 3.6 Slayer Builds] Fast map clearer Starforge Cyclone Slayer

This is a generic cyclone build. Nothing fancy, and not something that really needs much explanation. It really is really fast and mobile, effortless to play, has good clear speed and really good sustain thanks to slayer leech.

+ Fast map clearer
+ Slayer leech.
+ Straightforward to get going.

Cyclone discomfort on bosses.
Not the greatest single target.

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[Poe 3.6 Champion Build] Effortless and Cheap to gear for lots of improvements as you need more Poe currency

100% Not. This is a build that I tweaked explicitly to fit me. Do to you what feels right and looks good for YOU. You are the one that has to play it and enjoy it. Trust me when I say if you change your damage by a few hundred or even a few thousand or swap your defenses around it will not make or break the build for the most part. However, retain in mind that I will always advise people to do what has laid out in the build.
Correct Vaal reave does not work with multistrike, but 99% from the time you are just using normal reave. Vaal leaves only after you get up charges, so it has a bigger aoe.
As for leveling, you cleave excellent for about 15 levels or so then drops off pretty fast especially without right gear to sustain it – you’re probably much better off going for something like BV or molten strike or something.

+ Very fun and engaging build to play
+ Demonic Reave MTX appears sweet
+ Breakneck pace build
+ Incredible movement speed with whirling blades
+ Very decent aoe clear
+ One in the best single target dmg gems in the game
+ Excellent evasion/dodge/dmg reduction
+ Free 100% accuracy with ascendancy class
+ Free fortify on 100% of your time
+ Stun immune
+ Can do almost all map mods (avoid any reflect Phys OR ele)
+ Able to do all content (all maps, uber atziri, all labs, shaper and guardians, elder, uber elder)
+ Amazing defensive capabilities

– Ele Reflect OR Phys Reflect maps are NOT possible
– Can not leech maps are NOT possible
– Can be pretty expensive to fully min/max yourself for end game gear

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[Poe 3.6 Gladiator Build] Toughness build and Good DPS, 75% block&spell block chance

477 DPS Rapier ~15-20ex on the league, Hits can’t be evaded is must have together with the Surrender, You also can run with 11% of Non-chaos damage as extra chaos damage/extra elem/16% penetrate with Lycosidae instead of Hits can’t be evaded

+ All content viable
+ Good DPS (up to five,5+ shaper DPS)
+ 75% block&spell block chance (79% while mapping)
+ Toughness build
+ Hardcore viable

– Expensive
– Can’t run elemental reflect maps
– Can’t run any leech maps
– Melee
– DoT is our weakness

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Poe 3.3 Witch Elementalist Builds


Poe Elementalists handle all items elemental. They’ve access to restricted but valuable element harm bonuses, and a few granted periodically or having a skill requirement. They’re in a position to also specialize in elemental ailments, Herald skills, and elemental golems. Some passive skills may very well be mixed and matched to accommodate some damage types, even physical and chaos. Now, U4GM shares with you Path of Exile 3.3 Witch Elementalist Builds. U4GM as a specialist, Poe Currency site, supplies protected, fast and affordable Poe Orbs for you personally. With over ten years of excellence, we’ve got served a huge number of clientele. Within the occasion you happen to be hesitating exactly where to get Poe Exalted Orb, U4GM could be an awesome selection.


[PoE 3.3 Build] Sufficient DPS for endgame Witch Elementalist With Poet’s Pen Lightning Warp

The build is stronger than ever in 3.3. Arc now has greater region coverage due to forks. Additionally, it got a huge harm buff, particularly against a single target. Ball Lightning got buffed at the same time. For the only purpose, the new advisable setup will probably be arc + ball lightning. The build has no other adjustments.

This build uses Lightning Warp and Arc, socketed in 2x The Poet’s Pen wands, to be able to speed-clear maps. Although this can be NOT an economical or beginner build (startup cost of 1-2 exalted), it ought to be achievable to function with this character as a league-starter and gradually receive each of the required pieces.

This build clears maps extra quickly than the conventional Unearth + Bodyswap + Volatile Dead combo and relies on Ball Lightning + Arc for single target. Defenses include things like items like ~7k eHP with Mind more than Matter, and Acrobatics/Phase Acrobatics. Using the modifications to Elementalist, Ball Lightning shocks enemies dozens of times per second, which has exceptional synergy collectively with all the Thoughts using the Council helmet. This build is capable of clearing all content material, such as red tier Elder and Shaper.

+ Clears maps more quickly than VD + Bodyswap
+ Adequate DPS for endgame (Shaper, red elder, Hall of Grandmasters, all maps to t16)
+ Tanky enough for all softcore purposes (7k EHP, Acrobatics, instant leech)
+ Quick to replace many gear pieces with magic discover gear

– Moderately expensive, not the most beneficial league-starter
– Can not do elemental reflect maps

Bandits: Help Alira

Beacon of Ruin -> Mastermind of Discord

Soul on the Brine King, Soul of Rakesh

Leveling Guides:
Use Arc / Storm Contact and progress via the game. Obtain a Diamond Flask anytime possible, and use Herald of Thunder & Herald of Ice to keep up your evident speed. Continue farming until you can afford Inpulsa’s Broken Heart (buy this first) and then 2x Poet’s Pens. BE CAREFUL WHEN PURCHASING POET’S PEN. If the wand is corrupted, then you Can not alter its sockets with the jeweler, fusing, or chromatic orbs – therefore, only buy a corrupted Poet’s Pen if it has 3-links and the colors that you desire.

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Example Link:


[PoE 3.3 Build] Quick & Protected Enormous AOE Flame Golems Elementalist Build

Since cleared a lot of your end-game content with this correct setup and no added operate, Our Gamer decided to leave this build as quick and straightforward as probable to each old and new players. It is an incredibly uncomplicated setup here, without complex double-curse curse-on-hit, EE self-cast stuff and other unnecessary points that not worth it for 99.99% of the game.
Flame Golems do all harm right here, and other golems are just meat bags who supply immunities, regen and BUFF Flame Golems using Primordial Harmony jewels and themselves. Within the end, you will have 4 Flame Golems, 1 Ice, Lightning and Stone Golem
Flame Golems harm is scaled mainly by generic Minion Harm / Minion Cast Speed and via their skill cooldowns by way of Primordial Harmony Jewels also as other Golem Jewels.
Primordial Harmony jewels get started “working” seriously effectively if you possess a terrific deal of them at the same time as three other “different” golems up and operating also.
Your function is just to run ahead, cursing all the points with AOE Flammability and cast Flesh Supplying also as stay away from prospective death. Attempt to wait closer to Golems for Anger to become active on them.

+ Huge AOE
+ High effective HP: is often around 10K+ in total (3-4k life & 4-7k ES)
+ Chill, Freeze, Reflect, Ignite, Shock IMMUNE! Flasks are free!
+ Very passive gameplay. Good for SUPER BORED people!

– Is often hard to pull off the ground in a fresh economy (Anime Stone jewel requires about 80-100 Poe Chaos Orb investment)
– End-game HYBRID gear could possibly be highly-priced if you were min-max.
– Not a “wander” clear speed
– Not a “Blade Flurry 20M Shaper DPS.”
– You need a bit of chaos resistance

Liege with the Primordial, Elemancer, Paragon of Calamity, whatever (uber lab)

Bandits: Kill All

Major: Arakawa
Minor: Shakari

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Skill Tree:
Example Link:


[PoE 3.3 Build] Bonkers, Crazy Fun Elementalist Builds with Triple Herald Disintegrator Cast On Ignite

This is a brand new iteration from an old build I created back in 2016. What you happen to be looking at right here is a Cast On Ignite/Cast When Damage Taken Elementalist is wielding the new Elder employees Disintegrator and spamming various spells to bring about destruction and death everywhere.
In case you desire to have exciting when walking similar to an auto-bomber build but being a whole lot tankier, then this is the appropriate build for you. I¡¯ve completed various red maps from all tiers, also second boss maps, as well as Guardians.

+ Very flashy and colorful
+ Looks even better with all of the different MTX
+ 6k+ Life
+ 5 Endurance charges
+ 100% chance to ignite
+ Tons of spell casts per second
+ Mostly automatic
+ Decent harm and clear speed
+ Explosive
+ Fun
– Negative modifiers to Life Recovery and No-Regen maps
– High Physical/Chaos damage
– Ailment avoidance for enemies
– Starving for sockets
– Reflect (read extra in Advanced Strategies)
– Annoying to level
– Silence
– Lightning Thorns
– Can’t run Atziri/Uber Atziri

Bandits: Kill all

Major God
Solaris/Lunaris – fully upgraded (good for crit maps, ailment avoidance)
Minor God
Rakesh – fully updated (optional, helps a lot against Blood of Corruption, slows and Lab traps)

Pendulum of Destruction
Mastermind of Discord
Shaper of Desolation
Beacon of Ruin

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Example Link:

Path of exile 3.3 Shadow Builds for Assassin, Saboteur, Trickster

The Shadow is Path of Exile’s skill/intelligence hybrid class. He prefers to make use of fast-hitting weapons for instance daggers or claws to dart in and out of battle even though laying traps or remote mines and controlling the flow of combat. He tends to make healthcare use of offensive spells though dodging attacks, normally outmaneuvering his opponents. In Here, You can obtain 3 Poe 3.3 Shadow Builds for Assassin, Saboteur, Trickster.

[PoE 3.3 Trickster Build]Easy to understand Pure Scorching Ray Trickster for Newbie

Scorching Ray is actually a channeling fire spell that fires a beam that inflicts burning harm. It features a full variety which grows with Gem %. We scale it with Fire Damage, Spell Damage, Burning Damage and Harm over Time. We Improve this by selecting Keystones like Elemental Overload, Elemental Equilibrium and are going to have Dual Curse. We stack many Life 215%+ and regen bring about there isn’t any way to get Leech with SR. Then we grab the Thoughts over Matter Keystone lead to there isn’t any Aura we would advantage of. With Trickster, we get plenty of % Life/Mana achieve on Kill and regeneration. Last we grab Acc + Phase Accro to get lots of Flat Dodge Chance.

Beginner and new league “friendly,” very simple in style and simple to know
Able to a lot of the in-game content material!
Almost no Unique’s are req. but you’ll find potent upgrades worth it to get.
+ HC Viable!
+ A hell
enjoyable to play!

– No flashy crit explosions, no heard boom boom
– Degen builds
usually are not for everyone

Significant GOD Energy
Since 3.3 plays quite a bit inside the Temples and has Chaos Mobs and Degen stuff, would opt for Arakali.
Lunaris and Solaris are also
We go with Soul of Shakari,
which can be s sidequest in Act 9.
offers us:
Very simple. Decreased Chaos damage has taken
In case you manage to Upgrade this, it gets Substantial.
Poison is scary for regen builds like this.

Leveling Guides
Till level 20 use Freezing Pulse + Frost Bomb and Fire Trap or
what ever you like.
The usage of a Magic Fire Ring + Magic Ele 3L Sceptre and an Alteration of Orb to create a +1 Fire Gems Sceptre.
Use your 3L
until you get Efficacy!
When u get the 
common lab, all gets rolling and burns away.
Use your Brain!
Never play a Guide!
That is definitely a template for this build!
Take our
ideas into it!

Skill Tree:
Example Link:

[PoE 3.3 Saboteur Build] Preparing for Seismic Trap build
Just after the announcement with the seismic trap, this Build decided to attempt precisely the same with blade fall in to the trap and check how it feels vs. guards/shaper. Bladefall both have Phys dmg which makes it possible for us to work with statistics and shaper/elder amulets for colossal DPS increase (additional Ele/chaos dmg).

As Trickster vs. Saboteur ascendancy, you are going to lose 50% cooldown for throwing traps, and it is an enormous loss I think since as sabo I have some breaks for throwing trap right after I was throwing it 3 times inside a row.
Possibly uncommon shaper belt and boots with cooldown recovery mod might help but anyway in very best case its only 30%. For poison build pauses involving applying poison, stacks are not the correct issue.
without Sabo ascendancy, u will drop 25% decreased mana cost for traps, your trap will price about 110-120 mana (according to your gems) and with app’s rage, is going to be like 150-160 mana. So you’ll need to manage your mana regen.

– Bladefall + Trap + Conc/AoE + Trap and Mine
Damage + Cluster Traps + Elevated Essential Strikes
– Whirling Blades +
Quicker Attacks + Fortify
CWDT + Immortal
Contact + Elevated Duration
– Herald of Ash, Clarity
At this moment this Build
employed the only blade fall, whirling blades setups, herald of ash, clarity and vocal clarity. I added IC setup, and now cant decide what curse use together with the orb of storms and curse on hit vs. bosses.

Skill Tree:
Instance Link:

[PoE 3.3 Assassin Build] Tankster Crit BV MoM Fake Poison Build

This build has changedmore than time as a result of the adjustments inside the game produced by GGG and I had to change the topic for this build to survive. At the height on the double poison dips, there were a great deal of VB Assassin builds topics featured, this was the only one that had a guide specifically produced for Trickster, resulting from its more defensive characteristics.
This build is no exception, as
intense specialization will not be possible using Trickster not even utilizing Assassin because of the hit limit Blade Vortex has per second (7,5 hits), poison damage is dead in this build. Simply because of nerfing in poison in patch 3.0, some things were modified to try to reduce the losses. By way of example, I changed the old gems; now it really is utilizing Vile Toxins (a lot more poison damage and more damage from hits). In spite of the nerf in poison, the new Vile Toxins gem that was added in the 3.0 patch will work to procs additional harm with hits determined by the poisoned enemy. So essentially getting nine poison stacks on enemies (or ten if Vile Toxins level 21) you’ll have among 45-50 more harm with hits. Concentrated Effect will present a maximum of 5% a lot more added damage at level 21 in comparison to VT. But Concentrated Impact may be an ally of Vile Toxins, employing each against bosses and causing a lot of damage. Vile Toxins now will be the core of this build. 🙂

Primary god: The Brine King
Protects you
in the effects of cold harm and stun. Extremely useful.
Minor God: Gruthkul
Added defense against physical harm while stationary (when stacking BV :P).

Leveling Guides

Leveling with Blade Vortex israther protected, be careful not to take spike damage in well-marked telegraphed skills (hammer smash Vaal Oversoul, Dominus, Malachai, Izaro, etc.). Be incredibly careful with volatile; they are able to (actually) kill you if it has “increased harm,” “increased elemental damage,” “extra elemental damage” or possessed by a tormented spirit.
Normally keep an eye on dropped items, take the first 4L you see the best socket colors or be the right base for you personally to put the appropriate colors. You’ll need 3 green and 1 blue in 4L, to all versions.
This Build recommends
standard Izaro around level 35. Go cruel Izaro about level 55. Go merciless Izaro any time you really feel protected (I go from level 65).
you will need to have this passive tree ahead of Kitava act five:
Passive Tree level 45(

Doyou must have at the very least this passive tree just before Kitava act 10:
Passive tree level 67(

Prior to to farm maps, already have at least your CwdT set as well as your chest (very good rare armor or Cloak of Flame until use Cospri’s Will). The truth is, heartbreaker is stronger than Divinarius mainly because the Culling Strike to spells that this gives equals 11% additional damage, which means if you’d like to utilize Heartbreaker you could use it without the need of difficulties. With assassin, in the event you use Ambush and Assassinate notable, it truly is far better to use Divinarius, because you may currently have Culling Strike at this unusual.

Skill Tree:
Example Hyperlink:

Poe 3.3 Scoin Builds With Barrage and Scorching Ray


[Poe 3.3 Scoin Build] Ranged Attack Totems with Barrage and Tornado Shot

This Build uses Ranged Attack Totems with Barrage and Tornado Shot. The Lioneyes Glare bow makes it impossible to miss and to scale our damage we convert everything to cold with Hrimsorrow and passive nodes. We pick up Elemental Overload since we don’t have enough points/room to scale crit efficiently. Since we can always place our totems up close to the enemy, we get the point blank.
Defensively we use Mind over Matter to mitigate damage. The Hierophant ascendancy is perfect since we get an additional totem and more MoM. As second ascendancy we choose pathfinder to sustain health and mana. Since with Totems we don’t have any leech or gain on hit, we have to rely on flasks. We also throw in Acrobatics since we path along there anyway.

– Essential gear is very cheap (works on five-link)
– Can do any map mod
– Totems do all the damage so you can focus on dodging/surviving
– Excellent clear and single target damage

– Lategame gear gets a little more expensive
– Slower mapping due to using totems
– If totems get one shot by some boss/mobs, it gets a bit annoying
– Can be kind of hard to level

PoB Link:
Skill Tree:


[Poe 3.3 Scoin Build] Scorching Ray CWC Firestorm – Max block and spell block Aegis Aurora

This build is centered around synergy between 21 uniques that buff our stats and use them in wonderful ways.

This Build main skill is Scorching Ray CWC Firestorm. The fact that it doesn’t need cast speed or crit lets us focus on utilizing our uniqueness. We’ll be using the Elementalist ascendancy for extra damage and reflect immunity, and Chieftain ascendancy for the extra strength and Ash.

1. Max block and spell block Aegis Aurora
2. 10k hybrid HP
3. 40k to 50k armor with flasks that stay up often
4. 700% to 800% increased spell damage
5. No rares required, easy and simple itemization process
6. Can run any map mod

+ Very high damage
+ Excellent
+ Large health pool

– Chaos damage is a pain

PoB Link:
Skill Tree:
Example Link:


Typically, they may be not worth the trouble for motives which are sufficient in the extended run. When they are helpful for players who may perhaps know nothing at all regarding the game. For one of the most aspect, they’re finding out tools for newbies to ease them into the game. For far more Path of exile 3.3 Builds, it is possible to check out Just a reminder: you will get 5% coupon code free of charge from the reps should you Buy Poe Currency order from this article.

Why I Think Path Of Exile Ice Spear Is A Bad Design


In general, ice feels badly designed in Path of Exile. Lightning and fire is designed to do more damage, lightning even has shock and fire at least has ignite (which may or may not be better after the skill revamp).

Ice has no added damage mechanics and their flat elemental rolls are lower on stuff like abyss jewels. You can convert cold to fire and physical to lightning via gems, but there is no gem that converts something to cold.

Path of Exile

The advantage of ice is supposed to be freeze/chill, but the former doesn’t work on end game bosses (or Kitava/Argus) and chill is extremely weak due to the HP threshold issue. Even if you go elementalist, a 10% chill is nothing compared to 20% MORE damage dealt via shock. Go chill Elder/Shaper/Guardians for 10%, I can 100% guarantee you will not notice the difference at all.

Unlike poe currency buy, the only thing that makes ice stand out is GC due to shaper sticks + a physical damage spell. Every other ice skill is mediocre or just flat out terrible.

Can anyone think of a single build for end game bosses that is designed around freeze/chill for end game bosses? I couldn’t find any. I found ignite/shock builds though.

Cold snap: nobody uses this, its a spell to freeze enemies, but it does low damage hence runs into the HP threshold issue. You can’t freeze end game bosses anyway.

Vortex: Why chill mobs that you should be one shotting anyway?

Ice spear: Poorly designed. You want the initial target to take the most damage for obvious reasons (bosses), yet its the second form that does more damage. ??? And to top it off, even the second form does less DPS than Frostbolt, which is not a tier 1 damage skill.

Frostbolt: If you are going to use this, you may as well use something that does way more damage, freezing pulse would freeze bosses better (not that it matters for end game) and if you don’t care about freezes, GC would do way more damage.

Freezing pulse: Can’t freeze end game bosses anyway and GC does way more damage when abusing shaper stat sticks.

Ice shot: Nobody uses this in end game when you have tornado shot/barrage, and in the early game split arrow has better AOE and burning arrow has better single target DPS.

To top it off, there is a huge imbalance with elemental ailments. You know how some items give you a damage bonus for elemental ailments, like The Taming? Most of them require the target to be frozen to count. Except that, end game bosses are immune to freeze, while you can apply ignite/shock to them, they should at least change it so that you only need chill, not freeze, for the conditions.

Some Potential Guild Improvements in Path of Exile


I’m a developer, and let me just say that a well created wireframe like this makes development 10 times easier then someone who isn’t exactly clear about what they want their functionality to be.

 Potential Guild Improvements

The code in a well de-coupled concept practically writes itself and can be handed out piece-meal to multiple devs at once, leading to very fast development. Obviously there are some implications to these that are a little more in-depth but it’s not like tools aren’t largely present anyway.

Some examples of reusable code for guild hideouts:

1. The game already lets you log-in inside your own hideout instead of your last visited act. This means creating an alternative zone and letting your character “remember” it already exists.

2. Non-party members who are on your friend’s list can join your hideout. This means that visiting a zone “owned” by a player isn’t purely restrictive on being in that players party.

3. Guild stash is already configured not to be disruptive when multiple players are accessing it.

4. As for the idea of “bounties” or “quests”:

5. What else gives us quests: Prophecies! These are connected to an outside system from any specific npc. Sharing quests? Look no further then the heavily abused master rotations!

6. The game already tracks data individually across each character for achievments. This means it could be organized and calculated to determine the “completion” status of a guild bounty.

7. Rewards: We have many interfaces for handing out rewards to players, this includes mtx transaction window, card turn-in, and cadiro. You could stick that in this tab and allow players to grab it if the guild completes a challenge.

For more poe tips and tricks, stay tuned to U4GM. You can choose where you can poe items for trade cheap.

Do Not Hesitate Between PoE Ascendancy Classes For Ice Crash


In Path of Exile, if you want to build an ice crash dual wieldling for testing something new and you hesitate between some ascendancy class for your ice crash. What should you do? So, you’ve come to the right place.

In fact, there are kind of a lot of options. It depends a little bit on how you plan to convert and whether you want to play with 1H or 2H weapons. I played a dual-wield Ice Crash Champion to level 88 as my Abyss league starter and it was pretty smooth on mediocre gear, kind of a hipster build at the time but very legit since the rework to Worthy Foe (which added taunted enemies cannot evade).

Path of Exile

You can go dual wield Gladiator instead but I would only do it if you plan to stick with 90% conversion so that you can still do physical damage and get bleed explosions. You do get more block this way of course, and you get attack speed from your minor ascendancy nodes, so combined with the bleed explosions I would expect that Gladiator is a little better for map clear (especially if you don’t go RT).

If you’re going to use 2H weapons, clusters like Twin Terrors become irrelevant and so it starts to make more sense to stick to the left side of the tree, where you have better nodes available. Do not skimp on your wallet, keeping an eye on poe trade currency can save you a lot of time.

You can still start from Duelist if you want to go Slayer, and the nice thing about that is you’re doing really large hits so your overleech stacks will have huge duration. The main downside of Slayer now is that cull is a 4-pointer so you can’t get AOE + 20% cull + overleech + stun/bleed immunity all at the same time any more, so you would have to choose between taking AOE + stun immunity OR taking 20% cull + phys reflect immunity.

It’s still a pretty good ascendancy, just more niche; if you’re building a lab farmer I would definitely go for the cull, if you want an all-rounder or mapper I would go for AOE + stun immunity.

You can also explore Ascendant as an option, there are really interesting build possibilities there since the rework. Here are just a couple ideas:

– Inquisitor/Elementalist with Brain Rattler for 50/50 cold/lightning conversion, 16% across the board elemental penetration, reflect immunity, 10% base shocks, plus some utility from an extra golem and consecrated ground.

– Assassin/Inquisitor using Hegemony’s Era and Pure Talent. This tree is quite the puzzle to optimize and I’m not sure how well it works in practice, but the basic concept here is to get value from Pure Talent without feeling like the nodes to path to all those starts are wasted.

– MoM synergizes decently with the nodes around Templar and Scion start, Marauder life is always good, and Duelist start is totally feasible as well, especially if you go Assassin/Slayer and move away from regen in favor of leech. My main concern is whether it has enough damage and attack speed.

I originally theorycrafted it before the ascendancy rework as Assassin/Pathfinder converting with Hrimsorrow; after the rework I feel like you have many more options after grabbing the shadow start. Slayer, Elementalist, Juggernaut, even Champion or Raider seem okay. This is on my list of builds to try out in the future, but I’m afraid it might be too janky.

The Latest Predict the League Name for Path of Exile 3.3.0


PoE is an excellent ARPG experience, and a free one at that. Having played my fair share of ARPGs prior to this, I can say with confidence that PoE has a genuinely unique style all its own. Combat is customizable and varied close to the point where your imagination will be the only limiting factor. Pair this with a decent story, innovative mechanics and a lasting end-game experience, and it’s easy to see why PoE stands as one of the highest rated games in the genre.

League Name

With just over one day left until it’s announcement, predict the league name for 3.3.0 and it’s new game mechanic. I’m pretty sure you could make a fairly simple taxonomy of all the different league mechanics GGG has used so far.

So to make a PoE league pick about two focuses and then decide if you want to concentrate everything in a big breach-style bonanza or spread it out a bit more like ambush or harbinger.

Very spread out crafting and boss Oblivion League
Slain monsters have a chance to respawn as more powerful nega-monsters. These drop shards of annulment, scouring, and other new currencies that remove mods as well as fragments to the oblivion zone where you can fight nega-bosses.

Medium spread mobs and boss Necrosis League
Packs of necrotic monsters spawn, and killing the entire pack spreads the rot to nearby monsters. Killing packs or unique monsters with multiple stacks of rot has a chance to spawn a festering lord.

Concentrated crafting and boss Ritual League
Summoning circles scattered throughout Wraeclast spawn powerful bosses. Once a boss is deafated, the circle can be reactivated to spawn an even more powerful foe. Bosses drop different types of currency that can be used to transform a completed circle into a one-time use crafting bench with unique new effects. Do you want to poe buy items? If you do, you can visit U4GM to have more guides and methods about this.

Path of Exile is A Very Good Action RPG


Today we are sharing with you What Do We Love About… Path of Exile? A difficult and fairly unique ARPG, Path of Exile is the crowning achievement of Grinding Gear Games. This grim dark fantasy throws players into the deep end and washes them up into a disturbed land permeated with evil where the Exiles have managed to eke out a few settlements to survive.

1) No Pay to Win Mechanics Here
Having such a successful game with a business model lacking any pay to win shows that you don’t need to milk your players dry, ruin your games’ reputation and generally piss off the huge number of players who don’t want to buy stuff in order to stay competitive.

2) You Truly Face the Unknown
The story is of players being dumped onto the “prison” continent of Wraeclast for the crimes they committed in their homeland of Oriath, they are exiles left to survive or die against the vile and dark things that plague the land from the ancient Empires that once stood here.

3) Gems Change How Your Skills Work
If you can fire an arrow as one of your skills then you can pick up a gem and socket it into your gear to shoot three arrows, or you could get a gem that turns your arrows into a fire arrow.

4) From the Moment You Start Playing the Game Is Not Easy
For many this is a negative aspect, particularly with the generation of gamers these days that want as many save points as possible, don’t want to lose gear on dying, want passive XP just for doing nothing and as many AFK/macro features as they can get.

5) Complicated But Intriguing
One of the things that really separates Path of Exile from a lot of other games is its currency system; there is no set currency in the game and instead everything works off a trade system where vendors trade certain scrolls and orbs for any loot items you wish to sell.

6) Any Amazingly Open Way to Customize Your Character
The level of personal character customization in Path of Exile is almost unprecedented when it comes to the Passive Skill Tree, a huge web of nodes that give buffs, skills and attribute increases to truly define your character. as one of the most professional online store which glad to share more PoE News and cheap poe trade currency with instant delivery.

Jugg Starter Lab Farmer Best Skill in PoE


Second league ever and I started a bit late but I decided to start with a lab farmer for currency and was wondering what main skill to go with. Currently on Cleave but I’ve seen people recommend Norse’s guide where he run’s BF.

path of exile

– Lab is about not dying and being fast once you pass 50k DPS. Any skill can pass 50k dps these days. Cleave is totally fine as lab is basically 4 single target encounters. Blade Flurry is good. So is Cyclone, ice crash, molten strike, heavy strike, EQ, Sunder, Warchief, etc.

– BF is probably the highest single-target melee DPS skill in the game, especially when you combine it with the broken shaper offhands so that is a good option yes. Many skills can do the job though, Uber Izaro is nothing compared to the real endgame bosses nowadays (Shaper, Guardians, Red/Uber Elder etc) so you can make a lab runner lots of ways. Cleave could definitely do the job, just slightly slower than BF. Mines are a popular choice for “instagibbing” him amongst ‘racing’ labbers I believe. Remember to get a totem with culling support, makes the final kill a lot easier.

– It’s up to you really. Cleave is a pretty good skill if you’re running 2 Ahn’s might especially for the jugg. It’s also a lot cheaper to build around. Blade flurry is a T1 bossing skill but its set up might be a little different. You’d want an off hand shaped sceptre and scale on elemental conversion a lot more to reach its full potential. Another great skill to try would be molten strike.

Yea that’s probably your best bet. Ahn’s might swords have pretty high dps and if you can, get the 30% quality corrupted ones. With the fortify from the threshold jewel and endurance charges, you become a lot more durable against Uber izaro’s hits too. For more poe tips and tricks, stay tuned to U4GM. You can choose where you can poe buy items cheap.