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What’s The Best Way To Achieve PoE Headhunter Belt

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In Path of Exile, if you want to own a Headhunter belt, but you usually burn out before level 90, never really had more than a few exaults at a time. What are your chances? What’s the best way to achieve this legendary item? Is this the league to do it? Do you chance belts, buy div cards, kill beasts?

Your best bet is just to make the quickest magic find build you can and farm burial chambers until your eyes bleed.

Path of Exile

Take a look at a MF ek nova build, its pretty cheap to set up and has the fastest clear speed. You don’t even need the best gear since your only going to farm a tier 3 map. Probably cost you an exalt or two to set everything up.

Then buy a ton of burial chambers for 1 alc each, sextant them/chisel them and hope for a doctor drop. Sell you first doctor, and buy two ventors, a biscos, and look into transfering into a windripper build. Most of the gear you used on your ek nova build will transfer over.

Then just farm the hell out of burial chambers and hope they drop. Sell the loot to sustain the maps/chisels/sextants and hoard any profit you make to buy doctor cards.

Other methods to get one:

  • Unique Belt Beastcrafting.
  • Chancing leather belts in Zana device modded Nemesis maps.
  • Ancient orb on unique belts also in Zana Nemesis maps.
  • Run Zana Nemesis maps until one drops.
  • “The Wretched” Divination cards.
  • “The Valkyrie” Divination cards.
  • farm Burial chambers/Spider Forest for “The Doctor” divination cards.
  • farm Shrine for “The Fiend” divination cards.

Anyway most of good tips are said already. One more thing that was not said yet is this: Aim for headhunter early in league. Like 1-2 weeks. While it have half its value. If you can rush to maps in day 1 or 2, you can get a lot of currency just selling leveling gear, maps you do not run etc.

Using new economy to your advantage make this high end task a lot easier. And don’t worry. Iam aiming for HH this league also. Not sure if ill farm burials on std or tidal island for saqawine wretch on bestiary.

U4GM Changes The Path Of Exile Currency Price Each Day

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Do You Have Any Suggestion For Path Of Exile Support Gem

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In Path of Exile, I have a suggestion for support gem: melee charge, it’s a pretty basic suggestion so I’m just posting it in plain text, although I do not know whether other players agree with this suggestion:

1. When you target a mob which is out of range of your supported melee attack, attack with the supported melee skill by charging it at 90-180% increased movement speed and strike it when in range.

Path of Exile

2. That’s pretty much it. A quality of life melee support gems that triggers charge everytime you target a mob out of range or shift clicking on the ground. You give up one dps slot for utility, and free up other gem slots by not always having to have a movement skill.

3. About “But just use movement skills,” the very idea here is a support that lets you unify your melee attack with movement abilities so you don’t have to use a movement skill as a second active ability. Besides, this is exactly what many people have wanted for a long time! Support skills that are not just dps increases but gives some sort of skill altering or utilitary effect.

Some players think that non – dps support gems like this would be cool, except they take the slot a dps support gem, which makes them unusable in most cases. Unless it’s stupid fast movement, in which case people would probably just use it in a secondary setup instead of other movement abilities.

And some think that it is hard to see where giving up a support slot to not have a travel skill is worth it. Along with how it will interact with other skills and supports. Multistrike would make stuff they to Flicker and how would this work with Cyclone? They just don’t think it is a good idea. They like the thought, but not the application.

What about you? Do you have any suggestions for PoE support gem?

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 4.25 Will Open New Region Of Eurkea

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It will open a new region of the world of Eorzea.

On March 13, Square-Enix will release patch 4.25 of Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood, where we will meet a new region, the wild “Forbiden Land of Eurkea.” It will introduce new battle elements to obtain new and powerful weapons. The update of this content will also bring a chapter of the adventures of the inspector, Hildibrand.

Eureka Anemos1

The Forbiden Land of Eureka will present several changes to the normal pillars of the gameplay:

Exploration with several players: Up to 144 players can occupy the same instance.

Player Progression: Players will gain elementary experience to improve their skills in order to absorb the elements, and they can use the new Magic Board to customize their elemental affinity.

Altered Combat Mechanics: A new strategy is required in the battle thanks to the elemental system, players must use the Magic Board to change the elemental affinity of their attacks to oppose the element of their enemy. Players will be able to customize the elemental attributes of their Magic Board before leaving to explore using Magic Melder.

Rewards: Occasionally, players can earn protean crystals while they explore Eureka and can use them to improve their weapons and abilities.

In addition, the annual seasonal event, “Little Ladies’ Day,” begins this March 1 and ends on the 14th. The Songbirds return to Eorzea to give one more concert, players can take part in the celebration with three new emotes made through of a line of special missions.

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Path Of Exile: The Celestial Shield Arrived

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In Path of Exile, GGG has just released the Celestial Shield which replaces any shield with a bold and golden starry-themed shield. GGG said that this is their very first shield with its own animation as the pieces spin around each other in a fashion similar to the map device.

Celestial Shield: Replaces the appearance of a shield with the Celestial Shield. Shield effects can be applied in the Cosmetics tab of your Inventory. They replace the appearance of any shields you equip. It looks great with the Celestial Weapon Effect and coincidentally it also happens to pair quite nicely with Spectral Shield Throw!

Path of Exile
Let’s take a look at the different perspectives of collectors of poe orbs:

1. Nice shield by the way. So I’ll need to build a spectral shield throw char for this.

2. Any chance at some point more MTX for the different skills will be made for example freezing pulse and other skills which don’t have any alternate MTX?

3. Why are shield MTX so few and why do the few ones always look completely out of place? I just want something that looks like an actual wooden or metal shield.

4. A valid question sir, there are many existing MTX sets long overdue for corresponding shield skins. In addition, I would again reiterate that the various Oriath uniforms are also long overdue as well.

5. So much new MTX coming out and still no new bow MTX or like lightning golem MTX and MTX for other skills. It would be really nice to get new bow MTX one that looks good and not super plain like the ones in there now.

6. It looks good, but I with this and the armor set had a bigger space ratio.

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Make The Most Of Path Of Exile With Unique Items

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Path of Exile Bestiary League has been released on PC and Xbox One, excited? After waiting for a long time, the new content finally will be available to all PoE players within a month time. Yes, it is high time for you to buy PoE items on U4GM to make early preparation for the new content. Since it is not far from the release of Path of Exile, you’d better take your time to buy cheapest PoE items on U4GM.


The enormous update of the game world, Bestiary has been released on March 2nd, with new areas, content, beasts and updates and more. Labeled as one of the final steps before the official release of Path of Exile, Bestiary brings an entire new world layout, a complete rework of Ascendancy class and much more.

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After Path of Exile is released, GGG team will poll to see how much more the community wants of Path of Exile. This means that they will reveal more info about the new continent. You can always buy cheapest PoE items on U4GM to help you if you need PoE items after the release of the game. Later, you can enjoy 5% Offers on U4GM. Make sure to size the opportunity to buy cheapest PoE items on our site.

How Can You Build PoE RF/SR Trickster

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In Path of Exile, now that we finally have patch notes, I’m forging forward into deciding on my league starter. SR Trickster seems to have only gotten better, and I’ve always heard that it’s fairly easy to add RF in eventually. For most collectors of poe currency, it should probably be even easier now.

Do you have a really hard time finding an actual PoB or explanation of what you should be looking for before going RF? If you have never played with the skill before, I have some practical experience with this build and willing to share some tips.

Path of Exile

Trickster is gonna be one of the easiest classes to sustain RF with self found gear for map clearing. Bosses not so much, since most of your regen and sustain is on kill effects.

If you wanna be super zoom zoom no items RF then trickster is dope, if you wanna kill bosses with it you’ll need a little investment. You could just grab a worm flask and be good to go, but wasting a flask slot like that feelsbadman.

Obviously the basic tenets of RF are get life regen and get max fire res. Rise of the phoenix is the obvious budget choice, but might be a little expensive for week 1. You’ll want to stretch your tree through witch into templar for the AoE, ele dmg, and regen. I can make you a template after work. It’ll be more accurate once path of building gets updated for the new patch.

As of now Trickster can sustain RF in early levels using Prolongued Pain ascendancy and Arakaali + Abberath Pantheon traits. Rise of the Phoenix is no longer necessary unless you want to run MoM. Not even a Springleaf is necessary.

If you’re brave enough it’s possible to go RF even earlier with just the regen buff from Patient Reaper, be aware that you need to constantly kill mobs. I’ve made a simple PoB setup with 78% fire res and basically no gear that doesn’t die to RF, keep in mind that it’s not a full build but can serve as a start.

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The Elder Scrolls Online: Update 17 Is A Free Addition To The Game

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The Elder Scrolls Online’s major dungeons, Scalecaller Peak, and Fang Lair – the names of the two new dungeons – will be available in both normal and veteran modes, with an extra veteran Hard Mode available for each final boss. Update 17 is a free addition to the game that includes a ton of new features and upgrades that Zenimax promises will make the game even better than ever. We are proud to tell more news, just read more at here.

The Elder Scrolls Online

A lot of people are rejoicing over the level ten reward of a mount, it’s exciting for a lot of newer players who see a price tag and other players with a horse and get jealous. Housing got a lot of love in a clever way. We can now finally store items in our house. I believe you can get a grand total of 360 item slot storage which is pretty baller. The next changes that I am going to talk about is probably the most near and dear to my heart: Combat Changes.

Which is something I think we want and need: more deeps. I think overall this change was really needed and I don’t think they needed to cap AoE targets in the first place. There are numerous other changes to combat that I have not included in this article, I am sure a lot of people are feeling the effect of the gap closer changes as well and block changes. More and more gamers can’t wait to buy eso gold from ours store.

The downloadable content promises to bring players two new dungeons, new items and monster sets, achievements, and much more for players to find. Update 17 also comes with tweaks to the Outfit System so players can change up their look the way they see fit, as well as Level Up and Skill Advisor systems and Home Storage to let you hold onto specific items in your character’s house.

Is There Any Old Prophecies Should Be Removed In PoE

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In Path of Exile, I think it’s great we’re seeing new prophecies added, but can we get any old ones removed? Every collectors of path of exile currency have different opinions, let’s see what they think.

One player think that don’t think removing them is necessary, but hopefully we can get some changes that prevent high level characters from having to go back to low level zones for rewards that are worth far less than even the 1 minute it takes to complete them.

Path of Exile

One player think that should do the same with that drowned prophecy, our guildstash had a fair number of these, by the end. Everyone just uses 2 coins to get that trash out and move on to next prophecy.

Another player think that given the low rarity of silver coins we’re expected to get a lot of near-worthless prophecies and that’s fine. The only part that really irks he is being level 90, filling up his prophecies, and having 5 of them be uncompletable by running maps or any other content appropriate for his level. He’d rather have the stupid hunter’s lesson “steal a rare mob’s mods” prophecy over and over because at least he can clear that one out by mapping.

As for mine, I think that Alchemist doesn’t take that long – Act 8, Doedre’s Cesspool, has the monsters about 50% of the times when you go to the right of the waypoint. Same with Lasting Impressions, just enter the Lab entrance and read the tablet.

Plaguemaw isn’t even that bad, to be honest, other than the Gardens strongbox, and BotC is quite expensive every league. For his first prophecy you might as well run a sac fragment to try to upgrade it or get a vaal skill gem, the locations are rather short. God forbid you somehow kill all but one of the shadows in the crypt tho.

To be honest, I’d love to see some sort of marker, like the one Tora has, if a prophecy requires you to kill a group of monsters. Especially for the Feral Lord ones. It’s so easy to miss a single one or two of the pack and look for them for another 10-15 minutes.

Finally, good luck to you, we will update the news about Path of Exile in real time, if you don’t want to be left behind in the game just because of lack of orbs, please buy chaos orbs on U4GM.

Wings And Back Attachments Multisale Comes To PoE

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In Path of Exile, do you know what poe items will discount? GGG are holding a huge sale for all Wings and Back Attachment microtransactions in this weekend. There are over 40 Wings and Back Attachments available at discounted prices.

Path of Exile

Wow, it sounds great, let’s we look at some views about players:

1) I think some characters look cool with wings, but just bolting wings onto the back of characters doesn’t work particularly well for the most part. I can’t stand how wings look in D3 for instance, although I think that the Avenging Wrath wings in WoW look fantastic on Paladins (but not all the time).

2) To me the dream would be wings like the Malefic Rainment in WoW that only display rarely show and do a dramatic flap and then vanish, like some sort of dark angel in modern biblical fantasy (such as Supernatural).

3) I bought a supporter pack once the Chaos set went on sale. Thought for sure I was going to go with the wings, then I kept looking and decided on the cape.

4) For me I want to see my character attack 15x a second and have the wings look weird.

5) Hussar Wings still the best wings. Do gloom wings still not have physics to them? When compared to the fire wings it just looks silly. Might have to pick up Mana Wurm or Hydra backpieces, for something different. Already have a few cloaks and wings.

6) Woot! Finally picked up the Arcane wings to go with my Purple Necrotic set. Now I just have to wait on the purple weapon effects to go on sale to pimp out my Disfavour :D.

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