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The Elder Scrolls Online: Update 17 Is A Free Addition To The Game


The Elder Scrolls Online’s major dungeons, Scalecaller Peak, and Fang Lair – the names of the two new dungeons – will be available in both normal and veteran modes, with an extra veteran Hard Mode available for each final boss. Update 17 is a free addition to the game that includes a ton of new features and upgrades that Zenimax promises will make the game even better than ever. We are proud to tell more news, just read more at here.

The Elder Scrolls Online

A lot of people are rejoicing over the level ten reward of a mount, it’s exciting for a lot of newer players who see a price tag and other players with a horse and get jealous. Housing got a lot of love in a clever way. We can now finally store items in our house. I believe you can get a grand total of 360 item slot storage which is pretty baller. The next changes that I am going to talk about is probably the most near and dear to my heart: Combat Changes.

Which is something I think we want and need: more deeps. I think overall this change was really needed and I don’t think they needed to cap AoE targets in the first place. There are numerous other changes to combat that I have not included in this article, I am sure a lot of people are feeling the effect of the gap closer changes as well and block changes. More and more gamers can’t wait to buy eso gold from ours store.

The downloadable content promises to bring players two new dungeons, new items and monster sets, achievements, and much more for players to find. Update 17 also comes with tweaks to the Outfit System so players can change up their look the way they see fit, as well as Level Up and Skill Advisor systems and Home Storage to let you hold onto specific items in your character’s house.

Is There Any Old Prophecies Should Be Removed In PoE


In Path of Exile, I think it’s great we’re seeing new prophecies added, but can we get any old ones removed? Every collectors of path of exile currency have different opinions, let’s see what they think.

One player think that don’t think removing them is necessary, but hopefully we can get some changes that prevent high level characters from having to go back to low level zones for rewards that are worth far less than even the 1 minute it takes to complete them.

Path of Exile

One player think that should do the same with that drowned prophecy, our guildstash had a fair number of these, by the end. Everyone just uses 2 coins to get that trash out and move on to next prophecy.

Another player think that given the low rarity of silver coins we’re expected to get a lot of near-worthless prophecies and that’s fine. The only part that really irks he is being level 90, filling up his prophecies, and having 5 of them be uncompletable by running maps or any other content appropriate for his level. He’d rather have the stupid hunter’s lesson “steal a rare mob’s mods” prophecy over and over because at least he can clear that one out by mapping.

As for mine, I think that Alchemist doesn’t take that long – Act 8, Doedre’s Cesspool, has the monsters about 50% of the times when you go to the right of the waypoint. Same with Lasting Impressions, just enter the Lab entrance and read the tablet.

Plaguemaw isn’t even that bad, to be honest, other than the Gardens strongbox, and BotC is quite expensive every league. For his first prophecy you might as well run a sac fragment to try to upgrade it or get a vaal skill gem, the locations are rather short. God forbid you somehow kill all but one of the shadows in the crypt tho.

To be honest, I’d love to see some sort of marker, like the one Tora has, if a prophecy requires you to kill a group of monsters. Especially for the Feral Lord ones. It’s so easy to miss a single one or two of the pack and look for them for another 10-15 minutes.

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Wings And Back Attachments Multisale Comes To PoE


In Path of Exile, do you know what poe items will discount? GGG are holding a huge sale for all Wings and Back Attachment microtransactions in this weekend. There are over 40 Wings and Back Attachments available at discounted prices.

Path of Exile

Wow, it sounds great, let’s we look at some views about players:

1) I think some characters look cool with wings, but just bolting wings onto the back of characters doesn’t work particularly well for the most part. I can’t stand how wings look in D3 for instance, although I think that the Avenging Wrath wings in WoW look fantastic on Paladins (but not all the time).

2) To me the dream would be wings like the Malefic Rainment in WoW that only display rarely show and do a dramatic flap and then vanish, like some sort of dark angel in modern biblical fantasy (such as Supernatural).

3) I bought a supporter pack once the Chaos set went on sale. Thought for sure I was going to go with the wings, then I kept looking and decided on the cape.

4) For me I want to see my character attack 15x a second and have the wings look weird.

5) Hussar Wings still the best wings. Do gloom wings still not have physics to them? When compared to the fire wings it just looks silly. Might have to pick up Mana Wurm or Hydra backpieces, for something different. Already have a few cloaks and wings.

6) Woot! Finally picked up the Arcane wings to go with my Purple Necrotic set. Now I just have to wait on the purple weapon effects to go on sale to pimp out my Disfavour :D.

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You Can Switch Between Classes And Share Abilities In FFXIV


The way Final Fantasy XIV world is you can switch between classes and share abilities. You don’t get stuck with one career that you choose during the character creation. Are you looking for a Final Fantasy XIV crafting guide that you can use to help you level up by having a crafting character? The development team releases regular catch up patches when new content is released. Reference to FFXIV4Gil.

Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV or otherwise known as FFXIV is the next installment in extremely popular Final Fantasy series. Unique thing in this game is that you can literally level up and gain experience by crafting. If you’re an alchemist then you literally gain experience by making new batches of things, and you’ll be able to level by doing this alone. Red Mage has been confirmed for the Stormblood expansion, but the job class isn’t accessible until level 50.

Dungeons, in general, are a very quick way to level with one requirement – a quick queue. Grinding dungeons will yield gear while you’re leveling up, but is only worth grinding if you have a tank/heal queue for low downtime between dungeons. Final Fantasy XIV ensures that it’s easy to catch up to high-level players, so you can dive into end-game content as soon as possible.

Final Fantasy XIV’s community is one of the friendliest and most supportive. Most people are willing to help out new players in some way, and there are a number of Free Companies that are open to players of all levels and skills. Final Fantasy XIV has been around for a few years now, but now’s as good a time as any to jump in. When you are playing the game, you will be able to buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil.

How To Build A Low Life Of Templar In PoE


The Templar is Path of Exile’s strength/intelligence hybrid class, a perfect balance of brawn and wits. The armors associated with the Templar’s strength and intelligence are Chainmail Coifs/Helmets, Chainmail/Ringmail, Mesh/Chain Gloves, Mesh/Chain Boots, and Kite Shields.

Some players really been wanting to try a Low Life build but haven’t really found any guides for it. I have to say that having a sufficient amount of poe currency is a precondition. Any phys to ele build can be great lowlife since all the auras can scale that really well. Blade flurry, blade vortex, EK nova, etc.

Path of Exile

In fact, if you have one high-level character in Abyss, hence why the LL must be a Templar? Fortunately, Templar is one of the most flexible classes in the game IMO. That said, if you’re LL you have one chest (assuming you’re not incandescent) and one amulet to run with: – Shavs / Chayula.

After that, it’s really at your discretion. There’s nodes for Cold, Fire, Light, Minions, Cast, and Regen all within an arms reach of each other on the tree. You’ll want to grab the Melding wheel as it links well with threshold jewels, Energy from within, etc. Obviously Zealots Oath, Faith and Steel is nice because the Jewel socket below that can link to a Red/Blue nightmare which adds a lot of utility / flexibility to builds. Avatar of Fire, Ele Overload, EQ, lots of Regen nodes.

There’s tons of options man its more what do you want to play. You like fast paced builds so go watch some short clips of skills to remind yourself or see some new ones in action. Once you know a couple skills you’d like to make work. Find out what they scale off of. Then decide if you want a shield / wander / 2H staff, etc / Once you’ve got the class, skill, and what your damage scales off of. You should have a faint idea of a wep or source of damage. Now the rest is just gravy, plug in some sample poe items into PoB and start filling in nodes.

If you want a fast paced mapping build, that’s not too squishy so you’ll want : – 7k+ ES – 105+ all res – AS / Cast speed oriented (very few Templar builds scale off pure movement speed) – going to want some decent mitigation. Iron Reflexes isn’t out of the question but you do have to go pretty far out of your way to get it . If you were fond of LL, I assume this is because you want the Pain Attunement / synergies with Guardian? If not, inquisitor has some crazy strong Ascendency passives worth looking into as well. At any rate, you may want to use one of your auras on Grace to boost the mitigation as there aren’t a ton of evasion nodes in that area.

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Path of Exile

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How To Change Color With PoE Chromatic Orbs


Sockets is important in Path of Exile. becauseyou won’t have access to active skills without them, which you’ll need to survive Wraeclast, and more recently, Oriath. However, it’s not enough for gear to have sockets. When these things are far from what’s ideal for gear, even in a good one, that particular piece of equipment usually gets passed for something else.

There’s a way to keep things on track, with Orbs, to buy exalted orbs on U4GM is not a bad thing for you. Aside from using them as currency and items that change rarity and mods, there are Chromatic Orbs and Orb of Fusing that alter a gear’s socket colors and reroll links.

Path of Exile

Chromatic Orbs reroll a gear’s socket colors at semi-random. It’s not completely random since it’s more likely to yield a particular color depending on the attributes of the gear in question. For example, if a gear requires more strength, the likelier it is to get red sockets and blue sockets with intelligence, and green with dexterity. Chromatic Orbs, however, cannot result in white sockets, where gems of any color can be placed.

Chromatic Orbs can also turn a particular socket to a specific color, which is useful for poe items that are unlikely to have a particular socket color simply by using a Chromatic Orb. For example, if a gear only has Strength and Dexterity as a requirement, it won’t have a blue socket simply by using a Chromatic Orb.

However, instead of being used directly, they’ll be used as a requirement when using the Artisan’s Bench by Vorici. The item in question can have at least one socket of a specific color for four Chromatic Orbs, two sockets for 25, and three for 120. It’s a steep price, but worth paying if you’re a master crafter who wants the best set of gears that you can earn by normal means.

Additionally, the Orb of Fusing is utilized to change the socket links in a gear. Linked sockets are essential for players that use support skill gems (a skill gem that gives no active skills, and instead, bolsters a skill gem that’s placed in a socket linked to the support skill gem’s socket). It’s perfect for items that have great stats and mods, but don’t have enough, or worse, any socket links.

An item that an Orb of Fusing is useful for has a high chance of getting three to four linked sockets, and a low probability of getting five to six linked sockets. In fact, you’ll need around thousands of Orb of Fusings to achieve such a result. Good luck for you.

Distinctive POE: Path Of Exile Focuses On Builds Rather Than Classes


Path of Exile is a huge game to try and comprehend. Path of Exile’s core combat will never be as satisfying as Diablo 3’s. It’s slower and lacks the same kinetic energy as monsters ragdoll and the environment crumbles from your attacks. Path of Exile provides a much more captivating and difficult challenge, and has a wealth of diversity when it comes to builds. More details and news can be found here:

Path of Exile

Looking at the enemies in each game, PoE seems to take the crown here too. Sure, we’ve got the lord of terror himself in D3, but when looking at enemies in general, they often start to get mixed up, particularly when running rifts. Where PoE has enemies and creatures who’s origins are based on their regions, you can often find monsters out of place in D3. Whilst D3 leaves very little reason to change characters as you go along, whereas PoE brings a complex system that focuses on builds rather than classes.

Compared both Path of Exile and D3, and clearly, looking at the events for both games, D3 offers its usual seasons, though many find them to be getting pretty tedious after all this time, with the hope that Blizzard throw something fresh into the mix to shake things up in that department. Path of Exile meanwhile runs mini-events on a regular basis, as well as launching new leagues every few months featuring new skills and items.

The game’s difficulty levels have been removed, making Path of Exile ” a single ten-act playthrough.” Grinding Gear Games Path of Exile has had many expansions since its initial release in 2013, and each one added more content to the base game. For instance, The Fall of Oriath and War For The Atlas, and these expansion also offers a new challenge league. While you wait for the new expansion, check out our website, view website right now.