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Return To Morrowind: Fresh Wind In The Elder Scrolls Online


Many fans have long longed for new content in The Elder Scrolls Online. Developer Bethesda will take you to the legendary island of Vvardenfell, home of the Dark Elf. For friends of the Elder Scrolls series, this is a journey into the past, as the expansion of the online scrolling game gives them the opportunity to visit their favorite places from The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind – 700 years before the events of this classic they can now create new Adventure and stories.


It is up to the player how he explores Vvardenfell and what kind of hero he becomes. ESO: Morrowind offers the same decision-making freedom, which is the basis for all Elder Scrolls games, from TES III: Morrowind to TES V: Skyrim. Everyone is free to explore the epic either as a single player or as a team. Only for a few separate sections, which are irrelevant to the story’s progress, you really need the support of friends or helpful teammates.

In addition to the new storyline and the huge Vvardenfell island with places like the Ashlander, Tel Mora or the bitter coast, the expansion offers a new class for the game. As Wardens unleash the magic of nature. Among other things, there is a powerful bear as a supporter in the fight.

Thanks to the concept “One Tamriel” patched into the game last year, the hero always scales to the maximum level. Thus the game does not have to be re-compiled with every newly created character, but from the beginning a powerful hero is available, which only has to be optimized by completing challenges in the game.

The expansion is not cheap with almost 40 euros, but the main game is included in the scope, so does not have to be purchased separately.

Discover Many Aspects Of Vvardenfell One By One In ESO: Morrowind


The player will find here the basics of the TESO experience: his third-person or first-person combat system, the ability to equip any type of weapon with any specialization, his free talent trees And evolving, its active dodges and blockades, its advanced craftsmanship, all refined over the patches to correct certain shortcomings present at the launch of the game. Some angles are still rough as the lack of sensation of impact of the blows, General animation of the characters in combat. The sometimes rough detection of collisions also deserves some adjustments in order to make exploration even more immersive. Anyway, if you’re an inveterate fan of The Elder Scroll’s universe, or if Morrowind’s nostalgic appeal echoes, there’s little reason not to succumb to this whole chapter thought to be Entry gate of choice for newcomers.


TESO: Morrowind has lost nothing of its roots and still gives a predominant place to the history of its mythical country. Quest opportunities are as numerous as randomly crossed NPCs. This chapter finds its greatest strength in its narrative that returns to the sources of its superb original material. Sometimes epic, sometimes funny, sometimes surprising, the missions of this new content represent as many motivations to advance his character as to discover one by one the many aspects of Vvardenfell. Too bad that the system of dialogue has not evolved over the years; We always find ourselves with fixed plans on NPCs reciting their dialogue with conviction, but without real emphasis on the dynamic interactions.

Vivec Drop

A novice adventurer or more seasoned veteran, the player lands on the island of Vvardenfell in the position of a stranger in Dunmer land. We learn early enough that the King-God Vivec is soliciting our help in his eponymous city. The Warrior-Poet is sick, weakened by a strange evil which must be traced back to the source. If we are ignorant of the origin of its degeneration, we know that the consequences of the torments which gnaw at it are dangerous, not only for the god himself, but also for the whole island. Baar Dau, the great moon that floats above the city threatens at any moment to crash on the latter …

Mount Scarlet, the famous volcano north of the island also threatens to erupt if this emblematic character is not saved. Despite the urgency of the situation, the player will also have a lot to do with the multitude of NPCs seeking help from all four corners of the island. Freeing slaves, solving the internal affairs of the Morag Tong, killing a Kwama farm in the bud, expect to become the savior of many people. Morrowind takes over most of TESO’s mission mechanics, along with the very few quests that ask us to kill X creatures, we find clues, infiltration phases, explorations of public dungeons, and some Number of resolutions of puzzles based on switches where mechanisms to trigger in the right order.

The title regularly places the player facing choices: save a prisoner or let him die? Wanting to get valuable information or go and subtract them? While this openness to moral decisions has direct consequences on the players’ actions, their impact on the overall framework of the chapter remains quite minimal. We remain in a MMORPG after all, the world must maintain a consistency for all players. It is on this aspect that TESO could still work to accentuate its orientation of RPG online, making more drastic choices, with wider consequences for the continuation of the game, that would make the title even more thrilling.

The Renaissance Of An Island

The other great strength of this chapter lies in the originality of its environment. Vvardenfell is an exotic area for any TESO player; At the same time very familiar to anyone who has walked the corners of the Morrowind for long hours in 2002, but also very different, because located 700 years in the past compared to the events of the time. Visiting the area awakens in us a nostalgia of every moment: here was such a structure, there an area covered with ash, memories reappear as so many hints of good proofreading work done by Zenimax Online. TESO renews the spirit, the proportions and the most important: the soul of Morrowind.

After a few steps, one comes face to face with these immense mushrooms characteristic of the places, the Netch float peacefully in the air, the architecture of the island, familiar, takes a whole other dimension thanks to new textures, unpublished creatures and The graphic ditch that digs this version with its model of 2002. The effects of shadow and light offer to the whole a new charm, where the OST cradles our ears with great reinforcements of the themes of the solo RPG. Symbol of this re-reading, the absence of eruption of the volcano of the island strongly affects the fauna and the local flora. The surroundings of Balmora, usually dry and desert, are here verdant and fertile. In this sense, it becomes very interesting to be carried away by his curiosity through our nostalgic explorations of these places full of memories.

Far from the classic standards of Western Fantasy, exotic, almost extraterrestrial at times when an immense Netch occupies the space of a funny decoration, the island offers an exploration of choice. Players will be able to count on the help of Naryu Virian, Dunmer Murderer of the Morag Tong and a character very appreciated by fans to progress in the main quest.

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The Third Game Pack Of The Elder Scrolls Online


Morrowind was the third game of the original saga The Elder Scrolls and now, finally, it arrives at the online world created by Bethesda, something awaited by all the fans to the game. And TESO Morrowind is not only an expansion with new territory to go, much less, it brings a lot of news and is ideal for both those who want to start the game now and those who have a previous character. In my case I used one of my existing characters although still with a low level, starting the adventure being level 9.

eso battleground

Return To Vvardenfell

A region that until now was not accessible and we all wanted to tread: Vvardenfell is the area added by Bethesda largest since the game was published 3 years ago. And Morrowind did not deserve less.

You only need to reach Vvardenfell to discover the visual changes of this region, with a flora and fauna quite different from the rest of Tamriel, much more colorful and impressive. With some truly spectacular beings to behold.

But this is not all, with the arrival at Vvardenfell we start a mission, that you can choose how to play, alone or in company and regardless of your level or each character of the group in which you play. Apart from this main mission, which will take you soon to the city of Vivec, you will find more missions throughout the region, as it could not be otherwise. Only in Vvardenfell you have assured a lot of hours of play.

New Class: The Warden (Guardian)

TESO: Morrowind includes a new player class, the Warden. He is a type that is based on the nature and that with its three possible skill trees of abilities can be oriented in doing damage, in the healing or in bearing the blows. You choose what interests you most.


One of the most striking developments is the appearance of Battlegrounds. These battlefields are arenas for fighting between three teams of four players each. The three available game types are Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, and Domination. Of course, it is essential to be level 10 to have these zones available and are designed for quick games that do not last more than 10 minutes. At the time of writing this analysis I still have not wanted to dedicate time to this option, but surely it does not take long until I dedicate it.

The Elders Scroll Online

The general summary of Morrowind, apart from the desire we had to return to Vvanderfell and new missions found in the territory of Tamriel TESO makes it even bigger. I am not one of the players who has played the game the most, but since the start of Tamriel Edition I did not get any expansion until Morrowind. And despite that I played countless hours developing my characters as I like, making know combat while skilled smiths or alchemists. I have also been able to buy a house to leave objects in it. And the best part is that almost all this I’ve done playing virtually alone, removing little more than a dozen missions that have played in the group almost everything I played solo and that speaks highly of the game, because it could have done the same with Friends or within a clan of the many there are. In short, little else you can ask for a game. For me The Elder Scrolls Online was almost perfect role play and now Morrowind makes me spend endless hours again. I do not be into account the note I put the game but TESO: Morrowind is the game I dreamed when I was a kid.

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Introduce The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind In Test


The Elder Scrolls Online got DLC supplies. On the 6th of June, the highly anticipated Morrowind expansion for the MMO from ZeniMax appeared. Finally, we can travel again to Vvardenfell, into the world of the 2002 role playing game classic Morrowind. We have tested the first major add-on package for TESO.

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind appeared 15 years ago and is a real genre milestone. A hackneyed battle system and no quest aids – that was Morrowind, too. In the first place, Morrowind was a damn atmospheric title. In addition, Morrowind was the part of the Elder Scrolls series, in which today’s style so slowly consolidated. A great world, an epic story and complete freedom in character creation. With such a brilliant game, in which I have spent hundreds of hours, it did not bother me either, that I had to constantly look at the virtual ground to get an acceptable frame rate.


I was thrilled when Bethesda and ZeniMax announced Morrowind as the first real add-on for The Elder Scrolls Online in January of this year. There is probably no other part of the series that fans would prefer to see in the TESO universe. For example, ZeniMax has been working on the implementation of the engine of Oblivion and Skyrim for many years. ZeniMax has recognized this and the Vvardenfell volcanic island is smoothly reproduced in the game.

Already prior to the release of TESO: Morrowind, ZeniMax introduced the “One Tamriel” feature. Each area and combat is now tailored to the level of the player. The consequence: we can always explore all areas and join each player, whatever level. What makes World of Warcraft only Legion, allows ZeniMax in the entire game world of The Elder Scrolls Online. This great feature also allows us to go directly into the new addon – along with its own tutorial.

Fans of the original will be reminiscing directly at the beginning of the game. The addon starts at the same place, where we could not look at the then ground-breaking water in 2002: in the city of Seyda Neen. From there, we can explore the completely reconstructed island, dungeons and quests, follow our craft, or simply explore the landscape. It varies from marshes, over barren rock landscapes to the fire-spitting volcano – the volcano in the middle of the island. Of course, again the town of Vivec is accessible, in which the god of the same name, as part of the tribunal, needs our help.

The story is told by means of sound (and synchronized!) Dialogues during the quests. In the process, the quests do not reach the epic proportions of other genre representatives, but the extensive setting reaches exactly what The Elder Scrolls Online wants to achieve: Immersion.


In fact, the online implementation of the popular TES series by the developer in recent interviews is no longer referred to as MMO, but also as a rolling game. This single-player character, including a typical-ego view, mixes ZeniMax with extensive online features such as housing, guilding systems or crisp raids. Of course, in Morrowind, the entire island may be scourged and played at the entrance – human players are not required for regular quests and are completely optional.

Morrowind lets us open up the way we play the fighting. Already in the main game we had the full freedom in character development. Each class – whether an elegant Nightblade or a hard-hitting Dragonknight – has different skill sets, which can be combined as desired. So a Templar can become a healer or a tank – just as we wish. The same applies to the new Warden class, which can be directed in various directions thanks to frost magic, companion system (analogous to the Beast Master Hunter in World of Warcraft) and salvation claims. This freedom in the character development can be a curse or blessing – but it remains a unique feature. We like this: a fresh alternative to rigid class structures of other MMORPGs. With the new class, TESO: Morrowind now also counteracts class poverty, which we had still criticized in the original test.

Finally, The Elder Scrolls Online, but also in the new addon Morrowind as a hybrid between singleplayer and multiplayer experience – each individually, TESO does not work. For a single-player experience, the mechanics are too bulky, the visual presentation is not convincing enough. For a pure multiplayer experience, on the other hand, TESO: Morrwind is a fine of a World of Warcraft. A community, guilding and raid structure like that of the genre primes has not developed at TESO – and it does not look like this either. For this, TESO is an interesting mix of both worlds, which is convincing in total – mainly through the TES license. As was already the case in the main game of TESO, it was also used in Morrowind thanks to the original score and the complete implementation of the island. If one knows Morrowind in the original – and loves it like me – then you immediately feel like at home.

But the active combat system is particularly fun. While in many MMORPGs we are rigidly on the spot, a rotation down, and sometimes move us from “area of effect” damage, TESO calls for much more movement. We can block attacks, free us from Stuns, escape damage with sideways rolls, and attack the enemy from behind. This exciting combat system is what makes the gameplay stand out from other genre vampires. We like it great!

A weak technique, an unusual combat system and unpolished mechanics. Who plays The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind for the first time, could quickly forget the newest addition and main game. He also misses the unique pages of ZeniMax’s new MMORPG: charmingly-tuned quests, a beautiful world, a breathtakingly fresh combat system, and a “One Tamriel”, an exploration system that is unrivaled.

Morrowind does not make much difference to TESO. We will be rewarded with Vvardenfell as a new island and the guardian as a new class, but little has been done on the scaffolding. These are two sides of a coin: this means that the weaknesses – such as a meager crafting system or weak graphics – have done little, the active combat system continues to make fun and the sound quests continue to inspire. If you want the main game and a fresh alternative to WoW or Guild Wars 2, you can travel to Vvardenfell.

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Review The Elder Scrolls Online With The Morrowind Expansion


Bethsda extends its MMO with the Morrowind expansion that takes us to Tamriel’s largest island: Vvanderfell.

Welcome to Vvanderfell

The Elder Scrolls Online expands with the Morrowind expansion that adds the Vvanderfell Island, an unprecedented class and new PvE missions and PvP content.

We have already analyzed the enormous – and expensive – content downloadable in our preview, remaining pleasantly surprised but now is the time to find out if Morrowind is an inevitable content for Bethesda SMB players or if in the end expectations have been betrayed.


The PvE

Morrowind has been making changes since the creation of the character. The introduction moves to Vvanderfell and the tutorial session in the Morag Tong assassin takes on more fluid during normal exploration – of course it always remains the option to avoid it altogether.

The new region introduced by the DLC is that of Vvanderfell Island, the largest in the continent of Tamriel, and in general one of the wider areas of The Elder Scrolls Online. Although the events of the IMO take place almost a thousand years before those of the third chapter of the saga, the island is reproposed in a very faithful way to the original.

Of course, the technological gap has led to a more luxuriant nature and greater attention to detail. The huge mushrooms and Morrowind’s particular architectural style make it one of the most unique areas of the Bethesda IMO.

Due to the presence of Red Mountain, Tamriel’s largest volcano, which occupies the central part of the island, the explorable area is practically circular. This form allows you to follow the main and secondary quests one after the other until you reach the entrance of the Halls of Fabrication Trial, introduced with expansion.

As for the plot, we do not have any particular fantasy shots compared to what is already offered by the base game. Though the story is introduced by the historical characters of The Elder Scrolls, like the living God Vivec, which brings us to places like the homonymous city still under construction, missions are nothing more than mere dispensers of experience points.

Mainly we continue to do the bellman, sent to pick up the subject shortly away, or the killer who must kill the monster or opponent of the moment. In short, the Morrowind expansion does not make us forget that we are playing an MMO.

Overall, the new PvE content is appreciable and allows you to gain experience points, but the aesthetic rewards – costumes, motions, tattoos – that are obtained once they are completed are rather miserable.


The PvP

Morrowind tries to make fighting between players simpler and faster. Instead of accessing Cyrodiil, once you have the right DLC, you can enter a Battleground session, where three four-player teams face an arena in three different modes.

Team Deathmach, is the most classic and the goal is of course to kill the greatest number of opponents. Capturing the Flag instead, as intuitive, invites each team to collect and bring back the base of their enemy base. Finally, we have the Domination mode, which is won by winning and keeping the checkpoints scattered around the map.

The Warden

To close the most important elements of expansion is the Warden. It is a new hybrid class, which uses the animal evocation in an offensive manner but at the same time has a good branch of healing abilities that use stamina and not magia.

Overall, the Warden is versatile in any role – tank, DPS or healer. But this does not mean that the new class is better than the others.

The Warden is an interesting addition especially if you are devoted to PvE, because it allows you to complete missions and dungeons quickly even in solitary thanks to your abilities. In any case for the most challenging challenges and the PvP, you must always find the right and complementary companions to our character, Warden or Non Warden.

However, it is still a class to be experienced because of its versatility but keeping in mind that it is not “neither flesh nor fish”, that is, it does not excel in a particular way of playing but can do a little bit of everything.



We also spend some extra words for more content on the Collector’s Edition. The Morrowind “smooth” expansion costs 39.99 euros, otherwise you will have to pay another 30 euros for additional additions.

The figure is not indifferent, so let’s see if the purchase of the Collector’s Edition of Morrowind is a sensible choice or not.

The war horse with the armor is scenic thanks to the unmistakable Dwemer style, as well as the Dwarven Spider that can accompany us everywhere. If you play as Warden you also have the gray skin for the evocable bear. In addition, there are several exclusive animations available.

The most valuable element is the ability to convert their weapons and armor into the Morag Tong style, the very old assassin’s guild from which the Dark Brotherhood originated. Unfortunately, not all objects can be converted, especially the most useful ones once they reach and exceeded level 50.

So, the price difference of the Collector’s Edition is not entirely justified by extra content.


Morrowind is a rich content expansion, especially intended for PvE. If you have loved and “consumed” this MMO then the purchase is recommended. You will have the whole Vvanderfell island to explore and many quests – albeit unimpressive – linked to historical characters from The Elder Scrolls.

Even those who have “leveled” in the past will appreciate the new PvP mode with team combat, albeit at a reduced scale compared to Cyrodiil, and the Trial Halls of Fabrication.

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