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The Guides Of NBA 2K18: Great Teammate Guide Focusing On Defense


The popularity of NBA 2K18 is obvious, today, let’s see many guides and tips for this game, this is part two of our great teammate guide focusing on defense. Hopefully, you will learn more from this guides, if you longing to know more, reference from here. It’s well worth spending a little extra time on your off days working on rebounding drills.

NBA 2K18


Go After Every Single Rebound
Allowing an offensive rebound – at least in the eyes of your teammates.

Keep Close To Your Man
Stay on him like a dirty shirt. Make him unattractive as a potential passing option.

Hurry Back (But Not Too Fast)
Your teammates are watching your transition defense too so don’t let them down.

Contest Shots
Every single shot that your assigned opponent lets off should be contested by you as the defender.

Help Your Teammates When They’re In Trouble
If you see that one of your teammates is out of position on defense or his man is just hanging out with the ball killing time, you can be rewarded for an effective double team.


Block Too Early
Make sure you only contest when the player is actually shooting. If he’s just standing there dribbling, don’t hit the block button.

Leave Your Player Unattended
Helping your teammates, tying your shoes or whatever it is you’re doing with your time is important, but not as important as standing by your man.

Hold The Steal Button By Accident
This triggers a reach in foul. Unless you’re in the fourth quarter and it’s a necessary part of your team’s strategy to try to get the ball back, this is one of the worst things you can do to your team so be careful.

Let The Ball Bounce Off Your Foot
Though the extent to which you can actually control whether this happens in NBA 2K18 is a subject of intense debate, if you can at all avoid kicking, or appearing to kick, the ball it’s highly recommended as it elicits a turnover and an unnecessary one at that.

Foul Needlessly
Think before you foul. Are you really helping your team here – Is he a bad free throw shooter? Is he almost guaranteed to score? How’s your lead? A bad foul will cost you, about the same as just letting your man score, so think carefully before you get physical.

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NBA 2K18’s Issues: Loss Of Character Items And Missing Virtual Currency


When NBA 2K18’s patch launches, players puts forth their issues, to name a few, missing virtual currency they recently purchased, loss of character items, the loss of characters they already created. On top of that, they stressed that they have lost a lot of their progress and virtual currency they bought in-game or received from pre-orders. The currency such as NBA 2K18 MT can be earned by visiting official website U4NBA.

NBA 2K18

Nintendo Switch users have also experienced issues with the game, as they’re unable to play it at all unless they download it on a microSD card and have “5GB per save file on the system memory. Players need the microSD for both physical and digital copies of the game, and it is not included with either purchase. The game will also release on previous gen consoles like PS3 and Xbox 360, make sure that everyone gets a shot at the latest edition in the critically acclaimed series.

One of the biggest new features of NBA 2K18 is Neighborhoods. This is your central hub of activity, allowing you to meet other players, access modes like MyPark, ProAm and My Career, play different activities to raise your stats, purchase items and whatnot. The overall design is more open world, thus allowing you to explore and discover things for yourself like NPCs, a tattoo shop, real-life players like Kyrie Irving and music to listen to.

New hairstyles, more accurate representations of body weight and height, more settings and the ability to scan your face using the MyNBA2K18 app on mobile. The Road to 99 is your new meta-game, utilizing a badge system that’s unified across the various modes like ProAm, MyCareer and so on. MyTeam is back once more and it again focuses on players building a collection of virtual cards to create the best possible team. Delves into many of the newest features, read more at here.

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NBA 2K18

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NBA 2K18 Guest Commentaries Revealed In New Video


With NBA 2K18 already appears the second basketball game for the Nintendo switch. While NBA playgrounds tended to be less of a simulation, the 2K basketball series can go through as an absolute sport simulation. Also important is the audiovisual presentation, which will make you feel more like watching a real TV broadcast.

For this reason, there are also so-called guest commentaries, which shine with their expert knowledge. For example, the five-time NBA champ Kobe Bryant or the good Kevin Garnett. In a new trailer both are presented, this gives you so another insight into the game.

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2K Sports Have Published A New Trailer To Present NBA 2K18 All-Time Teams


The next installment of the basketball simulator, NBA 2K18 will feature an addition of the most interesting: All-Time teams. These teams will join for the first time the best historical players of each of the franchises that make up the NBA, with our Pau Gasol in the template of the Lakers, to create 30 dream teams. Now, since 2K Games have published a new trailer to present to the All-Time teams of NBA 2K18, which is available in the headline of the news.

We remind you that the NBA 2K18 will go on sale on September 15 on PS4, PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PS3 accompanied by a Legend Edition that will be exclusive to GAME stores and will include, among other contents, five Shaq MyTeam Collection cards, Shaq MyTeam stickers and additional digital content. The game will also feature a free demo called ‘The Produle’ on September 8 for PS4 and Xbox One.

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NBA 2K18 Appears In A New Video


The upcoming basketball simulation “NBA 2K18” will appear in a new video. As a result, we are already learning about the most recent graphical improvements.


2K Sports and the men of Visual Concepts will bring the latest offshoot of the annual basketball simulation into the worldwide trade with “NBA 2K18” next month. Today, the developers are presenting a new video, which includes the various graphical improvements offered by NBA 2K18 to make the game even more realistic.

Among other things, one can look at the new Nike-Shirts, which will behave differently in the past, new schooners, sleeves and shoes. In general, the developers promise significantly more details in the equipment of the players. Furthermore, it was announced that the compilation of the MyPlayer is completely reworked, so that from then on be able to send the character to the parquet, which had already been painted. New hairstyles are also part of the show.

“NBA 2K18” will be available from September 15, 2017 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Nintendo Switch and PC. Recently, the developers announced that the MyGM mode will have its own history for the first time, where a former NBA superstar will become the general manager of a team, and must prove that he is running all the fates of a club off the pitch team can lead to success.

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