How to better welcome the 6th season of 2K23 MyTeam?

Season 6 of 2K23 is coming, and based on experience, it will be a strong turning point, which will most likely make you invincible in the new season of MyTeam. Therefore, before this turning point comes, we must prepare adequately.

Preparations before the new season

1. Early access to the best free pink diamond players
In the challenge project of the new season, many challenge tasks require us to use very good pink diamond players to complete them successfully. We must select good players to lock him in advance to better deal with future challenges. There is a card you can get for free. Please take it. It is Glen Rice – 98 OVR – SF/SG. You can get it free if you log in for 15 consecutive days. If you accidentally miss it, it will be a pity.

2. Complete all game modes
If you want to get a Dark Matter hero, that requires completing all the game modes, and if you have zero XP, it will take a lot of work to get there. If you’ve been working on increasing your XP throughout the season, it’s easy to get now. There are many challenges in the game; as long as you complete them, you can get XP, and new challenges will be added one after another this week. These challenges are very simple, and it is easy to reach level 40. In the last week, at the end of the season, 2K usually releases players. It is effortless to get XP at this time. This is a good opportunity if you want the popular badge of level 38. Going from level 38 to 39 can get you about 25K Buy NBA 2K23 MT.

3. RNG card
While cards of this type are hard to come by, they are some of the best in their location. You can get a Galaxyable Danny ferry in Co-op, and it’s relatively easy to get a Galaxyable Pervis Ellison, the best small forward in the game right now. If you want to get them, grind your game mode as hard as possible.

4. Break in your promo pack
Not only are the free promo packs easy to come by, but they’re also great as a foundation. If you complete all 10 or 11 groups, there’s a good chance you’ll get Galaxyable or even a dark matter player card. At the same time, it can also bring you a lot of 2K23 MT. Also, is Pete Maravich worth your attention? This problem needs to be treated with caution. Although he is a perfect PG, you need to complete many high-level games, and the pay and rewards are different.

5. Follow the auction house
One last thing is to keep an eye on the auction house and understand the current player card market. Before season 6 comes, 2K will put some super card packs on the market, which will contain a lot of excellent Galaxyable and pink diamond cards, usually in These good Galley sils and pink diamonds and new high-res cards will drop in price around this time.

Because people would open the Super Packs, and when the Super Pacs came out, many would panic sell. A suggestion: before people sell off, sell your current team and buy these good player cards at low prices when the selloff starts.

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