The First Descendant – How To quickly Level Up NEW Characters?

If you’re looking to level up your character quickly and efficiently in the game, Sterile Land’s Classified Outpost offers a better alternative than Kingston. While Kingston is great for low-level characters, advancing to Sterile Land provides a significant boost in XP and rewards, especially with the Block Hyper Mining mission. Buy TFD Zone Missions Boost to complete Sterile Land and get more XP and rewards. Use coupon code “harry” at U4GM to get discounts and save more!

Why Sterile Land?

  1. Higher Monster Levels: The monster levels in Sterile Land are 9-19, compared to Kingston’s level 8. This higher difficulty means more XP per enemy defeated.
  2. Increased Enemy Density: The Block Hyper Mining mission features numerous enemies, providing a steady and fast flow of XP.
  3. Special Rewards: Completing this mission gives you a chance to obtain the Morphis Material Pattern 01 and 012, which can unlock the Endzone Catalyst and Glaz Enhanced Cells Blueprint, respectively.

Recommended Strategy:

  1. Preparation:
    Buy TFD Mastery Rank Boost to help you quickly upgrade your level.
  • Level Requirement: Ensure your character is sufficiently leveled before tackling this area. Kingston is still a good starting point for unlocking basic skills.
  • Buddy System: If you have a friend with a Bunny character, team up! Even a starter Bunny build can be highly effective in this mission.

  1. Mission Execution:
  • Efficient Route: Move from one area to another to take full advantage of the map’s size. This prevents the repetitive back-and-forth of Kingston and keeps the gameplay engaging.
  • Maximize XP Gains: Utilize any available XP boosts. Check your mailbox for community XP boosts and ensure they are equipped before starting the mission.
  • Speed and Efficiency: With a well-built Bunny, you can clear areas quickly. Aim to complete the mission as fast as possible to maximize your XP per hour.

Results and Benefits:

  • Fast Leveling: From level 27 to 30 in just 12 minutes.
  • Higher Enjoyment: The varied and larger map makes the experience more enjoyable than the repetitive Kingston grind.
  • Special Drops: Chance to receive valuable materials and blueprints, enhancing your overall progress and build efficiency.

Community Tips:

  • Mastery Rank: Aim to reach Mastery Rank 20, as this is where you unlock the maximum number of module and weapon slots.
  • Character Diversity: Leveling multiple characters not only diversifies your gameplay but also contributes to your Mastery Rank, unlocking additional inventory and storage space.

This guide highlights an efficient method to level up your character beyond the early stages of the game. Sterile Land’s Classified Outpost offers a higher challenge, better rewards, and a more engaging experience. Try this area out and watch your levels soar!

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