The First Descendant: Bunny Ultimate Strategy Guide

Bunny is considered one of the strongest and most popular characters in The First Descendant, particularly effective for clearing content and dealing high damage. U4GM provides TFD Boosting Services, which is not only professional but also completed quickly. To unlock and use Bunny in The First Descendant, follow these steps:

How to Unlock Bunny
1. Complete Initial Missions:
· Progress through the main story missions until you reach the Kingston area, which consists of three zones and two dungeons. Of course, you can use TFD Campaign Boost, which is time-saving and efficient.
2. Gather Required Materials:
· Bunny Enhanced Cells: Clear the Fallen Theater area in Kingston.
· Bunny Stabilizer: Finish the “Infiltrate the Magister Lab” Operation dungeon in Kingston.
· Bunny Spiral Catalyst: Clear the Grand Square area in Kingston.
· Bunny Code: Defeat a GraveWalker on Normal difficulty during an Intercept mission.
· Gold: Accumulate 400,000 gold through gameplay.
3. Research Bunny:
· Once you have all the required materials, head to Anais in Albion, located in the west area in a round research room.
· Initiate the research process for Bunny, which costs 100,000 gold during the open beta (normally 300,000 gold).
· The research process takes 12 real-time hours, but you can speed it up using credits (premium currency).
In fact, you can use Bunny Character Unlock Boost to unlock this character directly, which is quick and safe.

How to Use Bunny
1. Access the Descendant Menu:
· Open the Descendant menu from your main menu.
2. Select Bunny:
· Click on Bunny and then click “Use” to make her your main Descendant.
3. Level Up Bunny:
· Bunny will start at level 1, so you will need to level her up by completing missions and defeating enemies.
· Equip her with weapons and modules shared between your Descendants, and customize her build with different modules, Reactor, and external components to suit your playstyle.

Tips for Using Bunny
· Movement and Speed: Bunny’s abilities are enhanced by her movement. Constantly move to build up electrical charges.
· Skill Usage:
· Thrill Bomb: Use this for AOE damage, especially when Bunny has high electrical charge.
· Speed of Light: Boosts movement speed and helps accumulate electricity faster.
· Lightning Emission: Effective for dealing continuous damage to nearby enemies while moving.
· Maximum Power: Use this ultimate ability for a powerful discharge of electricity, ideal for clearing multiple enemies or dealing significant damage to a single target.
· Weapon Synergy: Equip weapons that complement Bunny’s fast-paced, high-damage playstyle. Look for weapons that offer bonuses to electrical damage or electrocution status effects.

By following these steps, you can unlock and effectively use Bunny in The First Descendant, taking advantage of her high damage output and speed to dominate the battlefield.