Marvel Future Fight: All You Need to Know About the Comic Cards

In Marvel Future Fight, you have to care for and nurture your characters to address the increasing difficulty and strength of your foes, instead of consisting of senseless beatings because if they’re low level, they will even do no damage for the most common enemies. So you need comic cards to solidify your team’s strengths. In this guide, we will show you everything that about the Comic Cards!

What are Comic Cards?

Think of them as pieces of gear that you equip to your profile, and which provide passive bonuses to all your current characters. Each Comic Card equipped grants bonuses to all heroes. A total of five cards can be equipped. Each Card has both a Ranking (stars) and a Level (number). The Ranking determines how many bonuses the Card grants, one per Rank. The Level determines the numerical value of the bonus. Comic Cards can be upgraded similar to ISO-8, but the Level of the Card, from 1 to 6, is purely random and changes each time a card is upgraded.

Card bonus slots 1 and 2 are always the same and the value of the bonus varies according to the Level of the Card. Card slots 3 through 6 each have their own set of 5 random bonuses and will change EVERY TIME the Card is upgraded. The bonus values of Slot 3 will be 5.1%, Slot 4 will be 5.4%, Slot 5 will be 5.7%, and Slot 6 will be 6.0%. The set of bonuses for slots 3 to 6 varies based on the Card. Random bonus slot 4 can also roll a Proc, but a Card does not always have a Proc even at 6 RankStar since it is random for slot 4, however, the Proc will always be the same for each Card.

Specifically, a card can have a maximum of 6 passive bonuses: Slots 1 and 2 are fixed and can only increase or decrease in value according to the card’s level. Meanwhile, slots 3 through 6 are entirely randomized and chosen from a pool of bonuses available to that card on each upgrade. Furthermore, every time the card is enhanced, these random stats are also rerolled.

This can get a bit confusing at first, so consider the following: The most critical bonuses of a card are the first two slots, which will determine their utility to your current team. The other 4 bonuses, while also important, are randomized, and thus unreliable. However, once you manage to acquire a card with 6 appropriate bonuses, you’ll become unstoppable.

How To Upgrade Comic Cards?

For starters, the level can’t be increased directly. Instead, every time you upgrade a card’s rank, the said card will attain a randomized level from 1 to 6. As far as we know, there is no way to manipulate this system, and you’ll always be stuck with the level you get. When it comes to upgrading rank, however, all you need is 5 cards of the same rank. For instance, to improve a card to two stars, you need 5 one-star cards. To upgrade it to 3 stars, you need 5 two-star cards, and so on. In total, you’ll need a whopping 3,125 one-star cards to increase another card to rank 6.

How To Get Comic Cards?

The best way to receive new cards as standard players is via completing Dimensional Rifts, which unlock after beating chapter 2. These rifts are randomized and reset every few hours. Because all the cards are pretty random, your best bet is to stick with a starting card that you like, and farm rifts during “hot times” using reduced energy cost. Consider picking a hero that can clear the stage as fast as possible during that specific time.

Another way to obtain new cards is by purchasing them from the store using the premium currency.

How To Use Comic Cards?

As soon as you unlock access to this feature, you’ll be able to examine your acquired cards via the menu on the top right of the screen. Once in the Card menu, you’ll be able to check your current card slots, the cards you currently have equipped, as well as your card inventory. It goes without saying that you’ll be able to equip cards from this menu, as well. However, keep in mind that if you ever want to unequip a card, you’ll have to pay to do so. In this sense, make sure that the card you’re equipping is the right one for you.

If you’re just starting off in Marvel Future Fight, then you won’t have to worry too much about comic cards. However, as you make your way through the story, you’ll want to start thinking about which cards to acquire to optimize your team composition.

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