The Problem May High-usage Caused In FIFA 15

Some FIFA 15 players complained that high-usage of FUT hampered their actions to get FIFA 15 coins from the stores .And the problem at the moment is in investigating.EA Sports is not yet saying when the Ultimate Team store might be solved or whether gamers will receive compensation for their problems in the coming days.fifa 15

The timing of the problem is unfortunate because gamers can now get access to the forwards who are part of the Team of the Year package for the mode.

This means that gamers will be able to get access to Lionel Messi from Barcelona, Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid and their surprise partner Arje Robben from Bayern Munchen.
Actually the high community interest in the new players and their Team of the Year teammates might be the reason for the problems with connectivity linked to the Ultimate Team store.
FIFA 15 fans might find a surprise linked to their accounts
EA Sports also says that during the special Christmas events they ran a secret giveaway, which means that all gamers who are playing the football sim should check to see whether they got access to one of the prizes offered.
Going forward the developers will continue to offer Team of the Week packages for the Ultimate Team mode and will try to make sure that the infrastructure for multiplayer matches has no issues.
At the same time the company is keeping an eye out on the real world activity linked to the January transfer window, with all of them set to be reflected in a major update that will be launched in February for FIFA 15.
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