Destiny: Successfully Defeat The Squad Earn The ’emblem of legends’

DESTINY’S latest Bungie bounty will pit the Invigorate Gaming team, first in the world to beat both in-game raids, against the rest of the PS4 community this week.


Five members from the renowned Destiny squad will face off in a Destiny control match alongside Bungie community manager, David Dague. Destiny power leveling offer help.

The event starts on Wednesday, February 4 and runs from 3-5 AM GMT on the Sony console.

“The mission (as well as the platform) is chosen by the special guests,” the community manager explained.

“Invigorate likes Control, and they’ve been practicing – just like they do before a Raid. This time, the loot they fight for is an emblem of legends. If you can match with them, you’ll have a chance of winning it, too.

“Invigorate Gaming is a deadly team. They’ve carved World First status from every Raid boss that we’ve brought to life. Atheon? Check. Crota? Check. Sometimes on Normal. Sometimes on Hard.

“They hunt the big game and they take ’em down. You could say that this is a reverse Bungie Bounty, because now they’re going to hunt you.”

Xbox One fans have been left less than impressed by the announcement, with many commenting on lack of chances they have had to partake in more Bungie Bounty events since the game’s launch last year.

One fan wrote: “How about an event for Xbox hmm?

“On October 15 DeeJ said Xbox gamers on deck for Bungie Bounty. That must be a very long deck.”

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