FIFA 15 Utimate team of the will be released on the Android and iOS

Can’t wait to play FIFA 15 on your mobile device? The wait is over! You can now download the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team app.Originally the apps for both operating systems were going to come out at the same time as the full version of the game for all other platforms, but the release was delayed by nearly a week.

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If you have already downloaded the app and started playing, you may notice it’s been a bit of a rocky release. There have been several instances of downtime since EA’s servers haven’t been handling the huge influx of traffic very well.

You can download FIFA 15 Ultimate Team from the iPhone App Store or Google Play, but you do need to have an Origin account
to do it. With the app and the account, you can play Ultimate Team even when you are away from your computer. The actions you take managing your team on your mobile device will be fully synchronized with your game play at home. On the app, you can work with concept squads, you can bid for new players on the transfer market, or you can sell players you already have. You can buy new Ultimate Team packs, and you can also receive news and check updates for club activities.

How are fans reacting to the new apps? On the whole, reception has been positive; gamers love that they can now take FIFA 15 Ultimate Team with them everywhere they go. Some mobile gamers have been frustrated, though. Not only have there been connectivity problems, but there have also been some errors on the app, particularly with player transfers. Some gamers have struggled with squad changes as well.

Have you downloaded Ultimate Team for your Android or iOS device? Have you been experiencing any of these errors, or have you enjoyed an error-free gaming experience on your mobile device?

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