FIFA 15: Winning FUT TOTW To Earn Coins

Just as what we said in the title, today we are going to talk about earning FIFA 15 Coins through wining FUT TOTW or legend challenge. That is one of the simple ways to make a profit, as you win a match. This week’s TOTW is already available in packs.


You can do what we recommend below to obtain more FIFA coins. What you do every week is a good way to make money.

If you play against the team of black cards and win, you get a prize that ranges between 150 and 1,000 coins. In the same way,
if you play in Xbox, you can also challenge a team build by a legend and his teammates. The matches are always played in Single
Player mode and you can only get the reward once for each active TOTW/Legend.

You can study the other team carefully but the most important thing in the optimization of this method is knowing how to choose
the difficulty level of the match.

If you choose a level too easy, the prize will be very low. If you choose a level too difficult, you may never receive any prize. If you
do not know your level, start by a lower one. If you actually check that you can win at the top level, give up and go back to play in
the correct level.

You should take this advice because if you win a match, you no longer will be able to get the prize with that TOTW/Legend. This
trick will not affect your DNF%. If you want to use the method well, you should try to win the TOTW every week.

You can challenge any TOTW you want, but you only will get the prize if you win against the active one. If you are really good with
FIFA, playing against the TOTW could be fun and you could get a weekly wage. The profits are low, but it is an easy method to
earn coins.

Now it is time to challenge your Team of Week. Winning the matches and get more coins.

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