FIFA 15: Premier League Ten Riches on Forbes List

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Forbes recently released its latest global rich list. Ten people of the list are shareholders or owners of Premier League clubs, including Arsenal three shareholders.

In the world’s top 1826 billionaires, there are ten Premiership club’s shareholders or owners. Arsenal has always been self-sufficient, but if they need money, there are three billionaires shareholders behind Arsenal. Arsenal shareholder Usmanov ranked first among all the shareholders in the Premiership, who owns a 15% stake in Arsenal, ranked first in the Premier League each boss rich with assets reached 9.4 billion pounds.

Premier League is the world’s richest league. Entering the top ten list also includes shareholder Stan Kroenke Arsenal,Tottenham boss Lewis, Ashley Newcastle, Leicester Sri Vata Bula Pa, Stoke Coates, Assen shareholder Mosley, as well as Liverpool boss Henry.

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