Barcelona Spanish kings cup final on FIFA 15

Spanish king’s cup semi-final game for two times, after Barcelona away to a 3-1 victory over villarreal, with a total score of 6-2 final. Bilbao’s 2-0 victory over Spain, to final total score 3 to 1. Final will be held at the end of Beijing time on May 31, and by Barcelona against bilbao. Barcelona victory were mixed, although the promotion process there is no suspense, but pay a first-choice centre-backs busquets injured price.


After just three minutes, Lionel messi on the cross, his volley shot to break the deadlock, barca a total score of 4 to 1 lead. The 39th minute, Barcelona will old horner mulberry DOS santos to score. In the attack, in the process of villarreal by Spanish midfielder, trample busquets right ankle, ankle once bent 90 degrees, “professor cloth” collapses and was carried off. Barcelona coach enrique substitution, only centre-half mathieu substitute, javier mascherano from centre-half to play defensive midfielder.

Fc Barcelona announced that busquets sprained his right ankle, will accept the scrutiny. His last year had a similar injury on his right ankle, Brazilian striker rest for 6 weeks. Busquets said in an interview after the preliminary examination, back to the bench watching the rest of the game, maybe not a very serious injury. Villarreal are not given up hope of reversing the score, 62 minutes old will change into another Barcelona giovanni DOS santos to strengthen the attack, he is the home team match-winner horner mulberry DOS santos’s brother.

The 65th minute and, once again the black feet, he used his scissors gouging, was a direct red card.Barcelona with sharp response to the opponent’s rude. The 73th minute, mascherano out accurate direct passing, suarez from ruiz, Arsenal wade goalkeeper huo again, and then left foot pushed into an empty net. The 88th minute, Harvey pass, the double his header, to aggregate 6-2 victory over Barcelona.

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