FIFA 15 tell you defensive skills visitors

FIFA 15 to join the new system, make the game more real, this is without a doubt, the players run as players will find that they have the breath frequency, just like a real player, better physics engine at the same time, the game player’s hair will be with flap, the details of the game to make the game more fit players true feelings, images in this production team said it will be over nature.


FIFA 15 as usual, are three line speed, style, shape structure. Front main set attack movement more forward or coordination. The midfielder is main lightning or fast forward. The back is oppressive and position before and after the wide tight. Midfield and movement are random strain or your location option, the defence of high pressure is decided you play defense or back leaving no space.

Stance on and oppression can nip up play in the midfield but at the same time easy to play behind, back + not urgent can prevent balls but are easy to be holding up play and width is the defence position is compact or scattered, Barcelona types of infiltration and long shots are hard to break through can easily blow your side, but your opponent out can have a good side but the door wide open.

FIFA 15 is no longer a defensive mentality a direction is such a simple set, each player can according to the different positions have different options, such as the striker is walk or stand, looking for space or job and how much for the defence of the compression degree, midfielder is forward or protection, is the most changeable winger, can be used as a winger or more cross winger in the wing began to organize, in general, in the FIFA 15 flexible tactics to change more than its rivals ball time.

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