NBA 2K17 Patch 1.05 Launched: Introduces New Gameplay And Uniform Tweaks

Ultimately, patch 1.05 for NBA 2K17 has been launched, and regarding the game, it’s making widespread changes. For the basketball games themselves, it will be changed importantly, in a post, due to the patch notes detailed, and it can be seen on the game’s sites such as Players are worth to glad that cheap NBA 2K17 MT for sale.


Once the patch is applied, players will find that passes in particular will now work differently. Pass speeds have been lowered slightly and short passes will also be completed at a higher rate inside the game. Shooting has changed too, with aiming now made easier and shot timing adjusted as well to fit in better with a player’s preference.

Players should also find that illegal screens will be called out more reliably. AI-controlled players will also defend better and their double-teaming logic has also been improved. Tweaks in the form of court and uniform changes are also included in the newest “NBA 2K17” patch. With the patch installed, players will see that the Cleveland Cavaliers’ home court has now been updated to feature the new design that the team is using for this season. Aside from NBA 2K17 patch update, more cheap Virtual Currency for sale, just like NBA 2K17 MT PS4.

Several uniforms have also been tweaked for greater authenticity and the uniforms of the Golden State Warriors specifically have been updated to include a #42 patch that honors the late Hall of Famer Nate Thurmond. Specific game modes are also affected by the new patch.

MyGM mode will now bring back the Points of Emphasis feature in order to give players a greater influence over how simulated games play out. Custom teams that players could add to the game via league expansion have also been tweaked so that they now possess certain uniform elements that are similar to other NBA squads.

For affecting some modes numerous bugs such a MyPark as well as MyPark modes, both have been addressed as well by the patch. When it comes to the newest game patch, and these patch is now available for the PS4 as well as Xbox One ports of NBA 2K17, regarding the PC, it expected to be launched soon. And it’s also expected to more cheap NBA 2K17 MT PC for sale.

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