NBA 2K17 & Fitbit: Players Will Get Higher Ratings With A New In-Game Reward

For the update of latest NBA 2K17 game features, according to the consumer electronics corporation, thanks to Fitbit, now that it can provide in-game rewards with players, especially for those who use their wearable trackers. If you can achieve 10,000 steps a day, it’s worth delighting that higher ratings will be given to you. At present, many players are look forward buying cheap NBA 2K17 MT.


Fitbit has partnered with the game publisher 2K in order to help gamers get more exercise. With Fitbit and “NBA 2K17” game features update, players who reach a wellness goal will receive an in-game reward by boosting their MyPlayer custom character.

Also stated on the latest “NBA 2K17” game features update is the fact that the boost will give the player a temporary increase in their characters’ performance and agility. Layups and dunks would be easy to do and this is one addition by Fitbit to give developers and brands access to the company’s health apps. It’s safe to say that NBA 2K17 is the hottest video basketball gameplay in 2016, this’s probably why so many cheap NBA 2K17 MT PS4 for sale.

The Fitbit program will start on Nov. 25, 2016, and the boost will give players the added advantage for five games in a single day. The “NBA 2K17” game has to be played with the Xbox One or PlayStation 4 and in sync with Fitbit’s trackers.

Fitbit has lauded 2K Sports for helping to incentivize a player’s fitness with in-game rewards and it shows 2K’s dedication in improving video game advancement in the industry. It’s a great way to keep users healthy by promoting an active lifestyle while playing video games, such as in “NBA 2K17” game features update.

Alfie Brody, the VP of Marketing for “NBA 2K17,” said that a healthy lifestyle is a key to success in any sport. Through the in-game rewards, it will motivate gamers to achieve great things in the game and in real life.

Fitbit is a company that creates experiences through their products that track the fitness and health of its users as mentioned in the “NBA 2K17” game features update. This is what makes Fitbit Inc. stand out in the health and fitness industry. The company helps consumers initiate more active lifestyles by empowering them with the necessary data and guidance to achieve their goals.

As regards the Fitbit products, those products are sold in 64 countries and distributed 54,000 retailers. At the same time, on PlayStation 3 as well as 4 with on Xbox One and Xbox 360, NBA 2K17 is available. Regarding its retail price is $59.99, in addition to this, you can choose an digital format. Are you excited to earn cheap NBA 2K17 MT PC.

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