Review The Elder Scrolls Online With The Morrowind Expansion

Bethsda extends its MMO with the Morrowind expansion that takes us to Tamriel’s largest island: Vvanderfell.

Welcome to Vvanderfell

The Elder Scrolls Online expands with the Morrowind expansion that adds the Vvanderfell Island, an unprecedented class and new PvE missions and PvP content.

We have already analyzed the enormous – and expensive – content downloadable in our preview, remaining pleasantly surprised but now is the time to find out if Morrowind is an inevitable content for Bethesda SMB players or if in the end expectations have been betrayed.


The PvE

Morrowind has been making changes since the creation of the character. The introduction moves to Vvanderfell and the tutorial session in the Morag Tong assassin takes on more fluid during normal exploration – of course it always remains the option to avoid it altogether.

The new region introduced by the DLC is that of Vvanderfell Island, the largest in the continent of Tamriel, and in general one of the wider areas of The Elder Scrolls Online. Although the events of the IMO take place almost a thousand years before those of the third chapter of the saga, the island is reproposed in a very faithful way to the original.

Of course, the technological gap has led to a more luxuriant nature and greater attention to detail. The huge mushrooms and Morrowind’s particular architectural style make it one of the most unique areas of the Bethesda IMO.

Due to the presence of Red Mountain, Tamriel’s largest volcano, which occupies the central part of the island, the explorable area is practically circular. This form allows you to follow the main and secondary quests one after the other until you reach the entrance of the Halls of Fabrication Trial, introduced with expansion.

As for the plot, we do not have any particular fantasy shots compared to what is already offered by the base game. Though the story is introduced by the historical characters of The Elder Scrolls, like the living God Vivec, which brings us to places like the homonymous city still under construction, missions are nothing more than mere dispensers of experience points.

Mainly we continue to do the bellman, sent to pick up the subject shortly away, or the killer who must kill the monster or opponent of the moment. In short, the Morrowind expansion does not make us forget that we are playing an MMO.

Overall, the new PvE content is appreciable and allows you to gain experience points, but the aesthetic rewards – costumes, motions, tattoos – that are obtained once they are completed are rather miserable.


The PvP

Morrowind tries to make fighting between players simpler and faster. Instead of accessing Cyrodiil, once you have the right DLC, you can enter a Battleground session, where three four-player teams face an arena in three different modes.

Team Deathmach, is the most classic and the goal is of course to kill the greatest number of opponents. Capturing the Flag instead, as intuitive, invites each team to collect and bring back the base of their enemy base. Finally, we have the Domination mode, which is won by winning and keeping the checkpoints scattered around the map.

The Warden

To close the most important elements of expansion is the Warden. It is a new hybrid class, which uses the animal evocation in an offensive manner but at the same time has a good branch of healing abilities that use stamina and not magia.

Overall, the Warden is versatile in any role – tank, DPS or healer. But this does not mean that the new class is better than the others.

The Warden is an interesting addition especially if you are devoted to PvE, because it allows you to complete missions and dungeons quickly even in solitary thanks to your abilities. In any case for the most challenging challenges and the PvP, you must always find the right and complementary companions to our character, Warden or Non Warden.

However, it is still a class to be experienced because of its versatility but keeping in mind that it is not “neither flesh nor fish”, that is, it does not excel in a particular way of playing but can do a little bit of everything.



We also spend some extra words for more content on the Collector’s Edition. The Morrowind “smooth” expansion costs 39.99 euros, otherwise you will have to pay another 30 euros for additional additions.

The figure is not indifferent, so let’s see if the purchase of the Collector’s Edition of Morrowind is a sensible choice or not.

The war horse with the armor is scenic thanks to the unmistakable Dwemer style, as well as the Dwarven Spider that can accompany us everywhere. If you play as Warden you also have the gray skin for the evocable bear. In addition, there are several exclusive animations available.

The most valuable element is the ability to convert their weapons and armor into the Morag Tong style, the very old assassin’s guild from which the Dark Brotherhood originated. Unfortunately, not all objects can be converted, especially the most useful ones once they reach and exceeded level 50.

So, the price difference of the Collector’s Edition is not entirely justified by extra content.


Morrowind is a rich content expansion, especially intended for PvE. If you have loved and “consumed” this MMO then the purchase is recommended. You will have the whole Vvanderfell island to explore and many quests – albeit unimpressive – linked to historical characters from The Elder Scrolls.

Even those who have “leveled” in the past will appreciate the new PvP mode with team combat, albeit at a reduced scale compared to Cyrodiil, and the Trial Halls of Fabrication.

If you are new players, you should first get to know The Elder Scrolls Online and approach the base game to see if you will continue to invest in hours of play before buying an expensive expansion like Morrowind.¬†When you need gold in game, feel free to ESO-GOLD to buy what you need. We always have plenty of cheap ESO gold for sale. What’s more, we provide currency with fastest delivery and best service. Hope you gain your loved players!

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