FFXIV Director Is Considering Bringing The Game To Consoles

Final Fantasy XIV director Naoki Yoshida says, he is considering bringing the game to consoles, but more new information on the subject failed to emerge until now. At the same time, developer Square Enix confirmed that discussions with Nintendo and Microsoft are underway about bringing Final Fantasy XIV to the Switch and the Xbox One.


Square Enix has been having a lot of fun showing off a ton of screenshots and video for FFXIV‘s June Stormblood update. The new batch of screenshots include glimpses at the new abilities for each of the game’s jobs. More latest screenshots and video and view more here.

It looks like Mechanist gets a flamethrower, White Mages get the ability to literally pull allies out of the line of fire, Summoners actually get to summon something other than their pets, and Warriors finally get the ability to jump to a target like Dark Knights and Monks alongside a new enrage mode.

For Final Fantasy XIV two new jobs, Red Mage looks even more impressive than ever, with a ton of incredible skills, and some awesome melee combat actions. Samurai not only do they look like every anime samurai come to life, they’ve also got the ability to incorporate magic into their devastating DPS moves. As time goes on, FFXIV4GIL was regarded as the best website that sell Final Fantasy XIV Gil.

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