The Elder Scrolls Online Patch v3.0.9 Available In Game Now

The Elder Scrolls Online has released a new patch to fix the issues about the Grouping Tool and queuing for Battlegrounds. The 116MB v3.0.9 not only brought a number of fixes and adjustments for the Halls of Fabrication Trial, but also included various art and gameplay-related fixes.


Alliance War


You will no longer join a Battleground match that has less than two minutes remaining.
Fixed an issue that would prevent the Ready Check prompt from being displayed when joining a Battleground queue.
Fixed an issue that would occasionally cause Battleground queuing to fail.
Fixed an issue that would occasionally prevent players from backfilling open groups in Battlegrounds that had already started.

Dungeons & Group Content

Halls of Fabrication Trial General

  • The proper arrival effects will now display on all player characters when using the checkpoints within the Trial.
  • Forging the Future will now correctly grant a reward once per week.

Hunter-Killer Fabricants

  • Venom Injection now does less damage in Normal difficulty.
  • Refabricated Spheres will now be affected by Super Charged in Veteran difficulty when all eight are active.
  • Rending Leap will now be cast more reliably by the Hunter-Killer Fabricants.
  • The stun effect from Static Cascade now applies correctly even if you block.
  • Shock Lash will now always finish casting once it starts.

Pinnacle Factotum

  • The Pinnacle Factotum will no longer be shielded by the Liminal Transformer while it is active.
  • Increased the health of the Pinnacle Factotum in Veteran difficulty.
  • The Liminal Transformer will now overcharge and be active more often in Veteran difficulty.
  • Short Circuiting Centurions will now activate earlier.
  • Pressure Release now increases in damage with prolonged exposure in Veteran difficulty.
  • The stun effect from Shockwave now applies correctly even if you block.
  • Short Circuiting Centurions can no longer be damaged until they are fully activated.

Exploration & Itemization


Fixed an issue that caused chapters of the Bouyant Armiger motif to appear less often than intended.
These chapters are still quite rare, even for those who have served Morrowind faithfully.

Quests & Zones


A Cold Wind From the Mountain: You will once again be able to interact with the items in Coldwind’s Den properly, which will unblock your quest progress. Planting Misinformation: You can now only place notes on the table once.

Fixes & Improvements

Alliance War


Fixed an issue that would occasionally prevent groups from forming or being filled in Cyrodiil when using the Grouping Tool. Cyrodiil Guards will no longer have the wrong abilities applied to them when a Keep is upgraded. This was causing Guards to be much more difficult than intended.

Art & Animation


Fixed an issue that was causing graphical issues in Spellscar, and would occasionally cause your game to crash.

Combat & Gameplay

Nightblade Siphoning

  • Leeching Strikes (Siphoning Strikes morph): Fixed an issue where you could block the heal from this morph.

Crown Store & Crown Crates


Fixed an issue that prevented the second and third effects of Crown Poisons from being triggered by some area of effect abilities.
Fixed an issue that was preventing some appearances purchased from the Crown Store from remaining equipped or visible when traveling between zones.

Exploration & Itemization


Fixed an issue where alchemical poisons were causing certain persistent area of effect abilities (such as Volley or Wall of Elements) to terminate early.

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