NBA 2K18’s Issues: Loss Of Character Items And Missing Virtual Currency

When NBA 2K18’s patch launches, players puts forth their issues, to name a few, missing virtual currency they recently purchased, loss of character items, the loss of characters they already created. On top of that, they stressed that they have lost a lot of their progress and virtual currency they bought in-game or received from pre-orders. The currency such as NBA 2K18 MT can be earned by visiting official website U4NBA.

NBA 2K18

Nintendo Switch users have also experienced issues with the game, as they’re unable to play it at all unless they download it on a microSD card and have “5GB per save file on the system memory. Players need the microSD for both physical and digital copies of the game, and it is not included with either purchase. The game will also release on previous gen consoles like PS3 and Xbox 360, make sure that everyone gets a shot at the latest edition in the critically acclaimed series.

One of the biggest new features of NBA 2K18 is Neighborhoods. This is your central hub of activity, allowing you to meet other players, access modes like MyPark, ProAm and My Career, play different activities to raise your stats, purchase items and whatnot. The overall design is more open world, thus allowing you to explore and discover things for yourself like NPCs, a tattoo shop, real-life players like Kyrie Irving and music to listen to.

New hairstyles, more accurate representations of body weight and height, more settings and the ability to scan your face using the MyNBA2K18 app on mobile. The Road to 99 is your new meta-game, utilizing a badge system that’s unified across the various modes like ProAm, MyCareer and so on. MyTeam is back once more and it again focuses on players building a collection of virtual cards to create the best possible team. Delves into many of the newest features, read more at here.

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