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Madden 18 is out now on PS4 and Xbox One, bringing a fresh new roster for every team alongside the latest in football technology. Madden has rarely tackled the personal side of football, choosing instead to present it as a chess-like competition. Longshot is unexpectedly deep–it’s a fully fledged, Telltale-style adventure game with multiple endings, broken up by short moments of playing football.

Madden 18

In Madden 18, you will get player cards representing Devin Wade, Colt Cruise, and other characters from Longshot and forming a Longshot-focused MUT team will let you participate in around 30 challenges. Although these challenges are generally not much more than normal Madden scenarios with Longshot player models, they’re still entertaining enough to be worth playing.

Madden 18 looks beautiful, the game is the first in the series to use EA’s Frostbite engine, and as a result certain moments look nearly photorealistic. Stadiums feature minute details, while player models show everything from arm tattoos to jersey wrinkles. Madden 18 marks an unusually large shakeup in a series that, due to its annualized releases, rarely features much more than small, iterative changes.

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