You Can Create A Character And Change Default Faces In MU Legend

In MU Legend, you should be able to come with a slightly unique look to your character. MU Legend is available in the open beta, where you can participate for free. The Action RPG features Hack’N’Slay fights and MMO elements like Dungeons. Character Creation and fun let’s get the party started. More news and guides, we have improved our site structure and designing, you can visit website and place orders.

MU Legend

You Can Create A Character. Currently There Are Four Classes To Choose From:
Dark Lord – Tank
War Mage – Wizard
Blader – Melee Damage Dealer
Whisperer – Ranged Damage Dealer

The customization isn’t that in depth at all to be honest. You can change default faces and skill colors. You can also change up races on each of the available races. A big advantage in MU Legend is that you start with AOE attacks right at the beginning. You should also use these to level quickly. Gather and kill many quest monsters instead of killing one monster after another.

As you move through the various quest areas, you will often encounter dungeons. Some belong to quests that require the completion of a dungeon. The so-called field dungeons are divided into the categories “Normal”, “Epic” and “Rift”. If you are just beginning with MU Legend, there is not “one correct way” of distributing skill points. You should generally first feel in the game and see what is fun. For additional news and informations, please contact with our livechat 24/7 to view more.

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