Path of Exile: 3.1.0 Item Filter and Passive Tree Information

The War for the Atlas and the Abyss Challenge Leagues start in less than one day! Are you ready?

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Path of ExileAs usual, GGG gathered the necessary item filter and skill tree data to get you prepared. This post is predominantly designed for tool authors and advanced Path of Exile users. If you’re new to the game and not sure what to do with this information, don’t worry too much! They’ll update Path of Exile’s built-in item filter in the game and the Passive Skill Tree on the website alongside the launch of The War for the Atlas.

They’ve gathered the necessary item filter and skill tree data to get you prepared. If you’re planning to create build guides and item filter for this expansion, today’s news post will be useful for you!

Passive Skill Tree Information

GGG listed upcoming changes to the passive tree in the 3.1.0 Patch Notes yesterday. If you’re a community tool creator, you can find the JSON data on official website. Emmitt has exposed this data for the community to use. You will be able to find it there.

Item Filter Information

New Item Class

  • New Item Class: Abyss Jewel
  • New Base Items
  • Active Skill Gems: Volatile Dead, Unearth, Despair, Lightning Tendrils, Cremation, Bodyswap.
  • Support Skill Gems: Storm Barrier Support, Volley Support, Spell Cascade Support, Ancestral Call Support, Mirage Archer Support.
  • Abyss Jewel: Murderous Eye Jewel, Searching Eye Jewel, Hypnotic Eye Jewel, Ghastly Eye Jewel
  • Quest Item: Bottled Storm
  • Belt: Stygian Vise
  • Stackable Currency: Orb of Annulment

Divination Cards

  • The Ruthless Ceinture, No Traces, The Realm, The Eye of the Dragon, The Blazing Fire, Left to Fate.


  • About Base Types and related Tier, you can visit the official website to see, where there are detailed instructions.

Shaped and Elder Items

Here are two examples of how to include Shaped and Elder Items in your Item filter:

  • Show # Highlight Elder Items: Caster-Weapons
  • Class “Daggers” “Wands” “Sceptres”
  • Rarity <= Rare
  • ElderItem True
  • SetFontSize 42
  • SetBorderColor 0 220 220 255
  • Show # Highlight Shaper Items: Caster-Weapons
  • Class “Daggers” “Wands” “Sceptres”
  • Rarity <= Rare
  • ShaperItem True
  • SetFontSize 42
  • SetBorderColor 135 0 220 255

Shaped Maps

The keyword is ‘ShapedMap’. Below is an example of how to include this information in your item filter.

  • Show # Highlight all Shaped Maps
  • Class “Maps”
  • ShapedMap True
  • SetFontSize 40
  • SetBorderColor 255 0 0 255
  • PlayAlertSound 4 300

Note that the new generation of maps will not be displayed by using “Shaped Beach Map” for example, they must use the new property.

Thank you and have fun!



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