Wings And Back Attachments Multisale Comes To PoE

In Path of Exile, do you know what poe items will discount? GGG are holding a huge sale for all Wings and Back Attachment microtransactions in this weekend. There are over 40 Wings and Back Attachments available at discounted prices.

Path of Exile

Wow, it sounds great, let’s we look at some views about players:

1) I think some characters look cool with wings, but just bolting wings onto the back of characters doesn’t work particularly well for the most part. I can’t stand how wings look in D3 for instance, although I think that the Avenging Wrath wings in WoW look fantastic on Paladins (but not all the time).

2) To me the dream would be wings like the Malefic Rainment in WoW that only display rarely show and do a dramatic flap and then vanish, like some sort of dark angel in modern biblical fantasy (such as Supernatural).

3) I bought a supporter pack once the Chaos set went on sale. Thought for sure I was going to go with the wings, then I kept looking and decided on the cape.

4) For me I want to see my character attack 15x a second and have the wings look weird.

5) Hussar Wings still the best wings. Do gloom wings still not have physics to them? When compared to the fire wings it just looks silly. Might have to pick up Mana Wurm or Hydra backpieces, for something different. Already have a few cloaks and wings.

6) Woot! Finally picked up the Arcane wings to go with my Purple Necrotic set. Now I just have to wait on the purple weapon effects to go on sale to pimp out my Disfavour :D.

There’s a lot more in official website, so be sure to check out the discount microtransactions if you play Path of Exile. Keeping an eye on poe buy chaos, you will get more gains.

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