Final Fantasy XIV Published New MV The Primals

Square Enix released the first music product “THE PRIMALS” as the band alone for the official band “Final Fantasy XIV” currently in service for PS 4 / PC on May 16, 2018.

“THE PRIMALS” to expand the playing field worldwide The 1st Album by the band alone appeared!

“FINAL FANTASY XIV” which the total number of registered accounts in the world has exceeded 10 million is a work titled “Guinness World Record” which is recognized as Guinness World Record as “Title with the most original soundtrack in video game” Continuing to provide high support from players all over the world.

Among those songs, the “Final Fantasy XIV” official band “THE PRIMALS” is a 1st album under the sole name of “THE PRIMALS” which was recorded with bands arranged for all 18 songs. Do not miss a piece that will be the beginning of a new legend that they’ve been enthusiastic about players on stage all over the world!


Final Fantasy XIV “Official band that was formed in 2014, centering on Sound Director ‘s ancestor Ken Shingi. Five members of Masayoshi Shota (Guitar & Vocal), GUNN (Guitar), Iwai Aikichi (Base), Tachibana Tetsuya (drum), Michael Christopher Koji Fox (Vocal) are composed as core members.

Continuing to provide impressions and surprises to many players on an entertaining stage with a rugged rock sound produced by the experienced bandman and the fusion of game development members. Its activities are not only in Japan, but also in the stage of “FINAL FANTASY XIV FAN FESTIVAL” held in North America, Europe and South Korea. It is expanding the place of activity worldwide.

All 18 album recordings!

We released a song that will be recorded on 1st album “THE PRIMALS”.

Track listings

Primal Judgment
Through the Maelstrom
Thunder Rolls
Fallen Angel
Under the Weight
Unbending Steel
Revenge Twofold
Exponential Entropy
Metal – Brute Justice Mode
Oblivion Never Let it Go Version

Product Summary

Product Name: THE PRIMALS
Product number: SQEX-10652
Price: $ 32.99
Specifications: 1 CD
Release date: May 16th, 2018 (Wednesday)

Music Video of popular song “RISE” is released!

Coupled with the first show at “FINAL FANTASY XIV FAN FESTIVAL 2016-17” and a surprise display that reproduces gimmicks in the game on the stage, shocks and shocks to the players watching the distribution not only at the venue but also around the world We released a new Music Video of popular song “Rise ~ Akitaxa castle Alexander: Tenki hen ~” (hereinafter referred to as RISE) which gave impression.

This video shows live performances at “FINAL FANTASY XIV FAN FESTIVAL 2017 in FRANKFURT” held in February 2017 and a live pattern at “FINAL FANTASY XIV FAN FESTIVAL 2017 in SEOUL” held in October Based on the shot image, I made it using a newly recorded sound source for this album.

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