Making WOW Classic Gold With Fishing

Fishing is a great source of income WOW Classic Gold! Even at level 21, you may find items that make it worthwhile to rest awhile and grab your pole and give it a go! At a skill of 89 on fishing, it is possible that you might find items that sell for 15s to a vendor! Gems that sell to players for 5s and even if you catch a fish they are usually worth 50c-1s a piece!
One good way to get the bigger bucks is to use a lure or a better fishing rod that add to your skill level! At a skill level of one buy a Bauble to add to your poll to increase your fishing by 25. By using this Bauble you will find better stuff at a lower level and raise levels faster. Fell fishy using a fishing bot? Well with cosmo They have an option under tackle box (In options) to use quick cast/fast cast. When you enable this the second you click the lure it will cast a new line while you loot the last line! Once again loot everything because it adds up even if they are only worth 25c piece. Most stuff you loot you can cook into cooked fish and make more Gold off of it. Keep in mind you can eat this