What are the tips of Escape from Tarkov solo play?

Escape from Tarkov is not an easy game, and at first glance, it can seem incredibly difficult. In fact, you just need time to get used to the rules of the game. Solo playing is still a little more difficult, though. Even if we play alone, the game does not block access to one server for organized groups of two or three (or even four!) Players.

Escape from Tarkov solo play Tips Guide

Here we want to present the most important Escape from Tarkov tips to help you survive as long as possible and get out of solo matches and clashes with cooperating opponents.

Tips of Escape from Tarkov Solo Play

1. Of course, knowing the maps is the most important thing. Play offline to easily find places and best routes to avoid waypoints. Also, pay attention to where you start the game. This way, you will learn about possible skirmishes in which enemies can appear in online matches. At the start of a match, it’s always a good idea to make sure your opponents don’t come into play next to us.

2. Always think that there are more enemies. Do you see one player? Better to assume that his companion is nearby. If you are killing an enemy, first take a few minutes to make sure there is no other enemy nearby who is just waiting for you to collect the loot.

3. Change your position constantly. If you attack the enemy but did not immediately kill him, move to another place. For example, walking around a building. The point is not that you can be tracked, especially if you are fighting with a group of players who are constantly transmitting information about where you are.

4. You must be aggressive when storming buildings. You don’t have the convenience of cooperating or getting information from a friend, and playing quietly gives your enemies more time to communicate. Always carry at least one stun grenade, which is (definitely thrown) invaluable when storming any interior.

5. If you can see enemies from a long distance, sometimes it’s worth the wait. Play as a victim hunter. By the way, you will find out if a couple of enemies are really somewhere near their third friend.

6. Invest in a muffler. If you can afford it, it is always worth buying this supplement, which will make it difficult to determine your position.

7. Don’t forget to assign healing items to the keyboard shortcut bar. This will save you valuable time and use medicines and dressings without opening the equipment.