Diablo 4 Guides: Invincible Barbarian Leveling Build

In the world of Diablo 4, the Barbarian class is often the first choice for many players. However, without the right build, leveling can become a slow and arduous process.

This guide will introduce you to the Blood Cry build, a powerful strategy that can help you easily destroy early-level content. It offers massive damage, insane healing, and little downtime. With the right abilities, shouts, passives, and Diablo 4 Weapon techniques, you can easily become an invincible Barbarian, tearing through enemies and bosses.

The Core Abilities
The first ability you want to unlock is Frenzy, which unleashes a rapid flurry of blows in front of you and generates Fury. Enhance this ability with Enhanced Frenzy and Combat Frenzy to increase attack speed, generate more Fury, and gain a significant damage reduction during boss fights.

Your core ability, which you should unlock as soon as it’s available, is Rend. This ability allows you to cleave enemies in an arc in front of you, dealing direct damage and even more damage through bleeding over time. Enhance Rend with Enhanced Rend and Furious Rend to increase the duration of vulnerability on enemies and gain Fury per enemy hit. If your character doesn’t have Frenzy unlocked, it can be obtained through Buy Diablo 4 Boosting.

Shouts and Passives
Next, you’ll want to unlock Rallying Cry and War Cry. These shouts increase your movement speed, Fury generation, and damage. Enhance these abilities with Enhanced Rallying Cry, Tactical Rallying Cry, Enhanced War Cry, and Power War Cry for additional benefits.

For passives, prioritize Pressure Point, Booming Voice, and Raid Leader. These passives will help you apply vulnerability, increase the duration of your shouts, and heal your character.

Death Blow and Ultimate Abilities
The next major skill to unlock is Death Blow. This ability smashes down your weapon in a narrow cone in front of you. If it kills an enemy, it resets the cooldown, allowing you to use it repeatedly for massive damage.

Unlock your ultimate ability, Call of the Ancients, as soon as possible. This ability summons three ancients for six seconds, dealing massive damage to enemies, making it perfect for quickly dispatching packs of Elites or bosses.

Weapon Techniques and Aspects
At level 15, you unlock the Barbarian quest line, which lets you unlock a weapon technique. Using two-handed sword expertise in your Technique slot is recommended for this build. This allows any weapon to apply bleeding damage, which synergizes with the rest of the build.

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