FIFA 15 FUTMAS – Triple Squad Builder

0:00for omitting question copper for their link is in description
0:03after discount on your coins Usenet Paul at checkout
0:06what’s up cause the Panthers hit unwelcome to a squad builder this is a
0:11different office won’t go to cause where’s that is doing a school building
0:14a shiny games matching the building three different squads
0:17then leaving a link in the description below for you guys to boa which team you
0:21wanna see me go into the
0:22but was caught with second don’t know that but must cop gives you
0:25if you enter a 35k megapack
0:29it is on tradable behavior it’s 35k pack for free
0:32what more do you want some got three squads like save up bill
0:35there’s a link in description below guys are going to combo on the team that you
0:39wanna see me got it but was caught with and that’s what we’re gonna go into it
0:42as they began when the firm is Cup for Game two days if you drop a thumbs up
0:46on the video it will be absolutely appreciated have tried to pick up at
0:49three different formations and three teams a wildly different
0:52I don’t wanna go the generic stuff I usually go with tried to add a few
0:55different players in their
0:57so you guys gonna see exactly what we got so gonna start with the first team
1:00which is at 343 team
1:01help rebuild these but we’re gonna show you too many ways are in goal was to
1:05have he could cause the ass
1:06in at centre-back spawn down the right hand side we’re going in Syria
1:10we have kwan hey Zeus assets back we’re gonna go for Freddie
1:14guarin in sentiment feel we’re gonna go forward Jonathan
1:17at right midfield we’re gonna go for I its as you can be a cuadrado
1:22right right-wing I’m
1:25overstaffed combined to right-wing I’m an hour from guys we’re gonna go with
1:29be to a bar to vote so if you wanna see that is so wet
1:32this is a team view and I’d like to say bye spoke was one promise to put mystery
1:37will be devoting
1:38put in a comment section as well if you want to IMEI
1:41in the left has are the team cause we’re gonna go for the baby
1:44be a I think I’ve got the players and i’m looking for. think of course who are
1:49not have been so we’re going to have a name on the left mid
1:52I we’re gonna go for the concept wise to have a look out who we are going for for
1:56the other positions we’re gonna be good for Pedroia on that left-wing
1:59I we’re gonna have EDS the guys at sentiments paw
2:03and I’m gonna have pay as the first centre-back and last but not least
2:07because we’re gonna be gone for so is your grandma
2:10as the second and basso this guy’s is team number one
2:13you receive this or team its core skills is got paces courseware
2:17is called good defenses go a different formations one used to playing
2:21is got the technical abilities Avaya you know
2:24in yesterday’s got the the drive in the skewer guarin is going a little bit
2:29I’m not personally a fan favorite from formation but you guys wanna see it
2:33then let me know vo on but was number one
2:36as you move into squat number two lies this is going to be a bit different
2:40squad that we look at least on goal again we must all come with mom 1 lawyer
2:45for me the second best keeper in the game behind Edwin van der Sar
2:48out right back where again we’re gonna go bond is legal for the defense
2:52as actually upon this league Russian Lee hybrid
2:55I’m sector into those over leagues and again this will be the one fewer god
2:58gross crust at right-back
3:00actually feel like he’s got a really good stassi about seventeen every
3:04attribute that is no joke the centre-backs lies
3:06we’re gonna go with mass home was given that link on the right hand side and
3:09Jerome Boateng
3:10and of course David Alaba has the left-back really really strong defense
3:14one of my favorite offenders in this game is Boateng I find to be absolutely
3:18houses or even though he’s got high high world prices are high me
3:22upgrades I still finds been absolute and he has got the best pace but 88
3:27defending sent a physical he’s really nice
3:29in a senior guys gonna go with that feeling llame at left-back
3:32although he doesn’t get perfect can begin to guess a weekend in this team
3:35we’re gonna go from oxo Voice
3:37luck said he doesn’t get a cam altogether I with the manager about
3:41a can is more than enough for for biomarker royces capabilities
3:44and out right midfield guys let’s go for the Russian league
3:48and show you will be put into this league of course you probably have to
3:52some of these buyers but I’ll call a little bit different we sell a lot
3:55hostage upfront guy sorry right mid
3:57in a camp we have got the silver vintage do. read more pick it was good to go
4:02price task in louisiana forced all week for he’s also got the sense that resent
4:06to sue over physical not the best causing all the best the 78 terminate
4:10want a 73
4:11are shooting very very nice a silver platter thrown in there
4:14I thought why not then a no-strike clause about to go to strike a chord
4:18Dubya who is one of the best strikers
4:21in people because its high price high german hi shooting post of all-star and
4:25good physical
4:26is that absolution for any Russian league team
4:29but also this guy I rehear sought active on stream a couple weeks ago
4:33he’s got ridiculously nice stats for 77 rated strike a
4:37good pace great shooting great physical nice dribbling night causing
4:41over a strike a he would actually make an incredible centre-forward rather than
4:45a strike up pop
4:46for the sake of this team would impact re: a strikeout and that we have team
4:50number two I so if you wanna see promised to both partners to
4:54I put in a comment section blog post the game by will be out in tomorrow’s
4:58Obama’s video vice if you wanna see me actually attempt to win
5:01the I the farmers cop then you’re actually in again tomorrow same time 7
5:05and eyes where we’ll be and the last team guys
5:09promised team number three is going to be 83
5:12a 4330 version five team won my favor formations MP for this year have been
5:17really really abuse this at this
5:19this team this formation I we’ve got a lead one
5:22BBVA BPL hybrid in this
5:25this damn this team basically solo with the roofie Aaron goal
5:29week I would absolutely he’s as the centre-back and we also going for a
5:33up I wanna such concept players for the songs that I had two other silver
5:37in the team with iPad app agrees to other silver and a centre-back guys at
5:41Machu reedy to complete
5:42the the first part of the Harvard in at the right wing small
5:46I’m we’ve got growth for has located the
5:49legal BBVA Gareth Bale I’m really really
5:53good trio actually in any team you can have these the trio
5:57with these links no by almost Ridge and call how they will give each other
6:00perfect can because they’re from Real Madrid session very very strong team
6:04mortgage is so underrated in my opinion is games go really really good shot
6:08great passing of course before star
6:10four-star I’ve got dribbling good physical on defense in Europe and the
6:14CDM a centimeter camp
6:15even a centre-forward you play moderates has is what really really well-rounded
6:19thousand call the house while the same
6:21other than the shooting he’s got ridiculously low around as bad very very
6:25strong for a right-back
6:26i’ma send force because we are going into the BPL now
6:30outside of the hour outside the comfort zone of the BBVA we’re going to a Guerra
6:34as that sent for the animal the best physical force and four but the high
6:37pace high shooting are dribbling
6:39to forestall four-star gonna show you are only good things I borrow in a
6:43where she going for left me too I’m converted yet and i’s dotted silberner
6:47left-wing and then fun and be know as a center midfielder just to give
6:50where are those links that he needs and then a left back again just for the sake
6:54of the things we’re gonna go get a clue she there
6:56every single person in this team and the first team gets good cam
6:59of course honey marker royces 15 it doesn’t get the perfect camp
7:03so here’s team number three guys promise number three
7:06on the the straw polling if you wanna see me use this team
7:09answer basic last depends on what you want to see me play with will determine
7:13what time I go out and try and win this with
7:15vote vote it’s Chris Brown
7:17drop a like on a video if you wanna see more squad builders in this matter where
7:20you guys vote
7:21let me know in the comment section 11 on Twitter I want you guys to
7:25have more than employer in the team’s I play with people who watched builders
7:29want to play the games like the best team if the fire series
7:31I was ok with the best team fee for because this is for special car
7:35I’m not you guys have a pick up a few squads I like the look of
7:38and basically you guys gonna dictate to me which teams are playing with so vocal
7:42ok guys thanks for watching hope you enjoy this
7:44and I’ll see you next time I’m out peace

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