Messi scored whole game for angered with Enrique

A few days ago, Messi was angered with Enrique in the Anoeta stadium. Tonight, Elche unfortunately become Messi vent object. In this not important King’s Cup, Messi not only scored whole game and came up with a peak. There are four scored by Messi directly or indirectly in Barcelona’s five goals!

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Returned to the starting lineup and produced four goals, in this Messi and Enrique civil war, flea temporarily get the upper hand. In training, Messi was still reluctant to talk with Enrique. But on the court, he proved that who is the most important person in Barcelona.

From a detail, we can see that Messi and Enrique does not solve the problem. After Messi broke, then the referee Boer Baran whistle ended the first half of the contest. When Barca players congratulate Messi, Enrique was sheered directly back to the locker room. Barcelona’s internal contradictions certainly will act on “the next chapter.”

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