Cristiano ronaldo penalty real Madrid home nine straight end from FIFA 15

In west yet 25 wheels, real Madrid home 1-1 draw at villarreal, draw the league for the first time this season, Barcelona lead with only two points. Cristiano ronaldo made a penalty and personally, taking Gerard – moreno equaliser. Real Madrid and villarreal in la liga clash in the history of 29, real Madrid won 19 games 8 and negative two obvious advantages. At the Santiago bernabeu stadium, real Madrid win 3 draw unbeaten in 11. Is the last time the two teams met west re-scheduled week 6 rounds this season, the 2-0 victory over real Madrid.


Real Madrid started the game remains unchanged, the BBC latics, cross, ismail, Lucas silva in midfield, Kathy guarding the gate. Basketball team before the opening, real Madrid at the bernabeu show just received the king’s cup trophy. 12 minutes villarreal came close to scoring, Campbell from baseline, moreno close shot by Kathy block, gomez 15 meters, right foot slips Hal to make key goal-line clearance, headed the ball out of the bottom line.

Easy side fight again in the second half, 48 minutes, benzema cross, cristiano ronaldo penalty area on the right side of his right foot, Arsenal huo saves ~, marcos clears the ball. 51 minutes, real Madrid won a penalty, slip on the cross, Hal worshipped the box right hand pull down surrounded by cristiano ronaldo, the referee just called a penalty penalty! Cristiano ronaldo from 12 yards right foot rub shot into the net, real Madrid 1-0 lead!

This is ronaldo west re-scheduled week 30 goals this season, scoring 291 goals in a Madrid, beyond santillana ranked team history, 3 cristiano ronaldo scored 45 penalty tied Coleman, the Spanish history after Hugo sanchez – 56. The 86th minute, Kathy saved than her fly a header. Card oaxaca continuous broken after 1 minute after direct passing, hernandez box suspected was worshipped the toppled, denied a penalty. Finally a 1-1 draw against real Madrid, Barcelona advantage for the 2 points ahead.

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