FIFA 15: Receiving FUT Coins As A Gift

Usually, we earn FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Coins in our matches, through tradings, or buying with real money. So, today’s method is a little different. Why not receive FIFA Coins as a gift! It is possible to do so. That is amazing, right? By doing so, you need to stat alert and learn more about it. Here are some tips for receiving FUT 15 coins as a gift.

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There are three ways to access. Firstly, by EA Sports. Daily gifts are gifts assigned by EA to FIFA 15 Ultimate Team players during specific and limited periods of time. It can be packs or coins.

If you receive packs, you can always convert them into coins. These offers take place in holiday season or when the EA try to compensate their followers for servers problems or other game errors.

By give away. Give aways for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team are everywhere on the Internet. They are a kind of contest in which the winner gets coins as a prize. Many times the participant only has to make an application, while in other he has to answer questions, make some sort of registration or other kind of task.

By offer of other players. Unlike give aways where fifa coins are disputed by several people, in the offer of other players the coins are assigned directly to a person. This type of situation is very common when launching a new FIFA game series. Players no longer need the coins of the old version and offer them to those who continue to play it. There are also those who earn coins by appealing to the solidarity of the richest or making use of loans.

Receiving coins as a gift is something often overlooked by gamers. There is not any risk of loss in this method because there is no investment. The only danger that exists is to be cheated. So you need to stay alert.

What do you think? Is that awesome? Without any investment, the coins you received are all what you earn in your pocket.

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