How To Create Guilds In TERA?

A casual RP-based or a serious high-end PvP/PvE guild where the challenge is to take down the toughest foes. Here we’ll talk about how to join one – or if you don’t find one then how to create! When you want to buy Tera Gold, choosing is definitely a wise and right decision. Need help with another issue about Tera? Don’t worry, because our site will always help. We thoroughly, successfully investigate any trouble that players might run into when buying Tera Gold.


Are guilds beneficial?
Yes! Guilds can not only create a friendly environment to be in but will also boost your stats. :3 Once guilds level up they can distribute their points in all kinds of things like raising power, endurance, hp and so on. You can help your guild too! But first, you have to find one. Read on.

To get started press G. It will bring up the Guilds interface. There you’ll see 5 tabs at the top. We will only need the first tab for now.

Guild details – if you don’t have a guild, this is a meaningless tab. You can find 2 other buttons that will redirect you to either creating or searching for a guild. First, let’s see how to search for a guild. Press the first button.

There you can set all kinds of options.
● Playstyle – PvE / PvP / Casual – Pretty self explanatory. If you don’t set and then the game will search for all kinds of a guild. If you set PvP only, it will exclude ALL PvE / Casual guilds and will show PvP-only guilds. It’s better to leave this alone and just type in keywords that interest you.

● Size – Small / Medium / Large – The minimum size of the guild. Small is 2-29, the medium is 30-79 and large is 80+ characters. Keep in minds that 1 person can make up to 16+1 alts so 80+ characters won’t guarantee an active guild!

● How to join – Send message / Join now / Closed – If it’s set to send a message then you have to send a message to the guild master or the guild’s officials (most likely). Then they will invite you manually. Join now means you can join that guild without any interaction prior to joining. Closed means… closed… you can’t join.

● Level – My level / Any – If you are a low level and it’s set to “my level” then you might not find a few 65 only guilds.

● Search for keywords – Type in anything that interests you. For example, if you are looking for a national guild then type in: Espanol, Turk, Czech, Italiana, Magyar, etc. If you’re interested in PvP then type in PvP. Simple!

The first group of guilds you see will have the keyword in their guild name sorted by their members. After that group, you’ll see other guilds that have the keyword in their guild description, sorted the same as before (by character count). And there’s the last group I’m not sure why they’re there the way they are.

Are you not sure where to join? No worries! That’s why the Prospects tab was invented. There you can register yourself, type in an introduction of yourself and wait for a guild to invite you. However, most guilds usually ignore this tab. So use it as a last resort.

Guild invites
Here you can see the guilds that invited you. You can either accept or reject their proposal. You can click on their cards to get information about the guild before you decide.

Creating a guild
You haven’t found what you were looking for? No worries! You can make a guild and start recruiting right away once you meet the following criteria
● Be at least level 8
● Have 100+ gold

Be in a party with at least 1 other player (so have a party of 2). These party members will be the foundation of the guild. The party leader will be the Guild Master. Type in a guild name and basically, you are done. Keep in mind that if the number of members will go below 2 then the guild will automatically disband and everything you stored in the guild bank will vanish. Thanks for choosing! For more information about cheap Tera Gold, please visit or talk to our service customer staff!

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